Episode 7

Episode 7 of City Walk travels from Boston to New York to Atlanta and Los Angeles on a very special journey to some of the great parks in America -- both old and new.

We meet legendary landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted whose visionary 19th century genius continues to reshape the city of Boston along with virtually every urban park in the country. We highlight the amazing walkability of Olmsted's first creation Central Park in New York -- then take a walking tour of Manhattan's neighborhood parks including a visit to a vibrant public space where we're surprised to find out that not every park is green.

We visit the still in development Los Angeles State Park, currently the home of fairs and gatherings: including FYF Fest, where more than 30,000 people take public transportation to hear 57 bands play on 4 stages in two days!

Once upon a time Atlanta was one of the least walkable cities in the United States, today it's ahead of the curve with construction of the BeltLine, a 22-mile pedestrian friendly corridor. We explore this unique combination of rails, trails and green space through the joyful eyes of the happiest freight train conductor in Georgia.

Our journey concludes with a stroll on The Highline, an elevated, linear park renovated from an abandoned train line and now one of the most popular attractions in New York for tourists and locals alike.