Volkswalking: A Social Affair

Meet Ken Wilson, a retired colonel in his 80's, who became a Volkswalker in 1975 and has since completed around 56,000 miles of walking in every state. He walks at least twice a week and logs about 20 kilometers a day.

"I became addicted to the sport in Germany and came back with about 125 events," Wilson says, using the word that Volksmarchers prefer for each trip. "Now I have 4,942 events."

Volkswalking comes from the German term 'Volksmarch', meaning 'a people's walk'. Participants typically walk 10 kilometers on an outdoor path.

Volkssporting in the United States is sponsored by the American Volkssport Association (AVA) which has a nationwide grassroots network of about 300 active clubs presenting more than 3,000 volkssporting events each year.

"I just enjoy being out, even if it's raining," says Wilson, who lives in Bethesda with his wife. "I'm just addicted to the sport. Some people play baseball, football, basketball, soccer or hockey. I am no athlete, so I just walk on the trails."

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