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Discovering New York City's Shorelines

Meet Cy Adler, the 84-year old founder of Shorewalkers. Adler started the walking club in 1982 and has since organized numerous educational and invigorating walks exploring the varied and extensive shore areas in and around New York City.

"Manhattan may be an island, but standing on its busy streets, it can be difficult even for residents to remember that the city is ringed by more than 500 miles of riverside cliffs, beaches, urban parks and waterfront industrial zones."

Shorewalkers volunteers lead many weekly walks through the New York suburbs and the five boroughs. These all-year round walks are frequently on off-the-beaten paths that are not easily accessible.

"For example, the George Washington Bridge, which stretches from Upper Manhattan at 178th Street to the Palisades, the 400-foot cliffs that line the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. I've driven over this bridge many dozens of times on my way to visit family and friends in New York, but I'd never known that it was walkable."

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