Pedestrian Friendly Los Angeles?

There's no doubt that Los Angeles is a culture of driving and that the car has played an important role in L.A. history, but the past decade has seen a surge in interest in walkable communities.

In recent years there has been an exceptional push to make many of Los Angeles' neighborhoods walk-friendly and to restore and maintain the city's character. Thanks to Dan Burden, who serves on the board of advisors for Walkscore and Transportation for America, walkable Los Angeles neighborhoods are rapidly gaining popularity.

"When Dan Burden started approaching bureaucrats about making streets more pedestrian friendly 16 years ago, he could hardly get them to look up from their desks. That was a lot of miles ago. Today, with the health, environmental and quality-of-life benefits of walk-able neighborhoods, they can't get enough of Burden. Even in car-dependent Southern California, where he spent a few of his roughly 340 days a year on the road this spring, city planners are literally walking the talk alongside him."

Since livability and sustainability have become modern day buzzwords, policymakers are increasingly looking for ways to make Los Angeles a less car dependent and more pedestrian-friendly city.

"He is the Johnny Appleseed of walk-able communities, a true modern nomad," said Ryan Snyder, a transportation planning consultant who brought Burden aboard to create a plan to improve streets in Los Angeles County. "I am guessing there's been nobody who has gotten to know as many American communities as he has."

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