Feature: My Dear Secretary

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Written and directed by Charles Martin, "My Dear Secretary" is a comedy that stars Laraine Day and Kirk Douglas. Owen Waterbury (Douglas) is a bestselling novelist and womanizer who hires Stephanie Gaylord (Day), who is an aspiring writer, as his secretary. Garylord, who was at first a fan of Waterbury soon discovers that Waterbury cares more about chasing women than writing.

Learn all about the history of this film -- and the Los Angeles that received it back in 1948 -- in the latest Classic Cool Context.

Tonight's Classic Cool Theater package:

  • Cartoon: Popeye in "Shuteye"
  • Newsreel: I. "New Jewish State Is Formed"
    II. Latest In Sweater Fashions"
  • Musical Interlude: Louis Jordan, "Fuzzy Wuzzy"
  • Feature Film: "My Dear Secretary"

Watch the complete film here.