A Gloopy Mess

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FROZEN BOZER It's very cold today and Bozer reminds the machines to put in their anti-freeze. Trouble is, he's so busy reminding everyone else that he forgets to put some in himself. Diggs, not wanting Bozer to be embarrassed is determined to put in some anti-freeze without anyone knowing, but sometimes when you?re in a rush, it's hard to keep a secret. FOG The new machines are at the docks. Their job is to shift supplies to a cargo vessel. Diggs assures Scooch and Carrie that they have plenty of time to do the job AND help him take a few shiny things back to his collection. It all goes swimmingly until they suddenly find out that the boomy noise that Scooch has been hearing all day, is in fact..a fog warning! A race across the docks in thick fog ensues -- making them realise that putting things off can nearly get you into very deep water!