Catch That Phrase

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EMISSION IMPOSSIBLE A new dump truck has come to the site -- Skatch. He'?s so exciting and so much fun that Diggs and Carrie seem to be ignoring their old pal, Scooch. But when one of Skatch's games leaves them stranded without power, Diggs and Carrie discover what makes a true friend. HIGH PITCHED BOZER Bozer returns from a servicing only to find that his big deep boomy boss voice has changed to something very high and squeaky! This starts him worrying about whether he'll be taken seriously as a boss any more. Luckily Maxine's there to assure him that there's more to being a boss than a big boomy voice -- a theory he can put to the test when Diggs gets stuck on a ledge and needs the calm soothing voice of his boss to talk him down. Albeit high or low!