Changing Vrooms

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CARRIE'S PALLETS Carrie is a little jealous when the bigger machines get to landscape a new park so she decides to invent her own fork-lifting style. But Bozer thinks her spiral pallet piling is dangerous and when she stacks pavement stones for the park like a deck of cards disaster is not far away! It's going to take some inspiration from Maxine to turn a useless pile of broken slabs into proof that there is room for a different way on a Construction Site. CARL WASH Carl's inventions are legendary -- for being a disaster. And when he unveils his new Carl Wash, it's Diggs, Scooch and Carrie who end up being his little wash test dummies. It soon becomes clear that the machine is yet another crazy Carl creation and Diggs and Carrie are keen to tell him the truth. Scooch is worried about hurting his feelings, but eventually he learns that as far as inventors are concerned, it's always better to come clean!