Hidden Bossy Powers

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WHO'S THE BOSS Carrie thinks she'd make just as good a boss as Bozer and when he gives her the chance she's determined to prove it. But when the big stones she picks to make concrete jam Maxine's mixer it seems she may have been trying too hard. Bozer finds an answer to the problem but poor Carrie is feeling disappointed until he points out that all he's done is per her ideas into practice. She may not be a boss just yet-- but one day she will be! COOL FUEL The machines must clear an old dumpsite to make way for a new car park in just one day. Bozer gives the machines a new batch of fuel as a treat but because Carrie is an electric machine she misses out - while the others enjoy their treat together Carrie worries because she is "different". But, when the new fuel turns out to be a bad batch and all the machines have to be cleaned out, it's down to Carrie alone to get the job done and save the day. As the others praise her for a job well done, she realises that sometimes being different isn't so bad after all.