Diggs Should Be So Lucky

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CRANE OF THE YEAR Carl has to knock a chimney down on the site today, giving him a chance to show why he is nominated for Crane Of The Year. But when, after 25 swings, he still hasn,t hit it , he loses his confidence. It, s going to take some serious coaching from Carrie to convince him that he is still in with a chance. In the end it,s seeing her determination that makes him realise that the worst thing to be is a quitter. PARP IDLE Due to a wall of ice that Carl can,t even shift, the machines are stuck on a slippery mountain road. So while Bozer and Lug set off to get salt grit, Carrie encourages the others to keep warm by performing a "Parp Song Contest"! Sadly parping turns out to be something that Maxine has a bit of a problem with. Nevertheless Bozer and Lug get back in time to play good judge/bad judge, the show is an absolute hoot and Maxine is an unexpected smash?in more ways than one!