Dream Machine

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EVERY DUMPER'S DREAM When Lug tells Scooch that grading a road on your own is what every dumper dreams of, the little dump truck decides to do a bit of solo grading himself. But Scooch soon finds himself in trouble and trapped on a mountain ledge. The only truck that might hear his cries is Lug but that means interrupting the grading and ending his dream. Scooch soon realises that some dreams are a little bigger than others. IF TRUCKS COULD FLY The new trucks are thrilled to learn that Dumper the Jumper is coming to town! But Scooch is even more thrilled to find out that Lug used to be a daredevil jumper too and his name was Long Leaping Lug. Scooch tries his best to persuade Lug to show Diggs and Carrie one of his famous long leaps but at the last minute he has second thoughts. This leaves Diggs and Carrie wondering if Scooch is telling tall tales. Luckily Carl and his hookey are on hand to reveal all!