Horn Free

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SUNK When the younger machines accidentally knock a load of oil drums into the dock they are too scared to own up to their mistake. They take Carl's hook to try and retrieve them but things just get worse as the hook falls into the water as well. Meanwhile, Bozer is worried when he finds all the oil drums missing while Carl searches frantically for his "hooky". The young machines have no choice but to tell Bozer what has happened and Carl successfully lifts all the drums out of dock. Everyone agrees it's better to own up to an accident straight, just as Bozer reverses into the drums sending the whole lot back into the water again! WHAT?S THE PLAN The machines are laying out the site for a new park. When Diggs and Scooch see the plans they figure they can save Bozer some time and just get on with it themselves. But when they manage to dig a perfectly good pond -- in completely the wrong place -- it's going to take some clever thinking to solve the problem before Bozer finds out.