Imaginary Friends

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THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME Carl is preoccupied because he is missing the site where he was made. When he almost drops a sewer pipe on Diggs, the other machines decide to try and cheer him up. When he sees a little bit of "Carl World" that they've recreated -- including Lug dressed up a Gertie, his dump-truck friend from years gone by, Carl is quite overcome. When you're busy thinking about all your old friends, sometimes it takes a surprise to make you realise how important your new friends are. TRUCKMATE Diggs is jealous when Scooch chooses to work with Carrie instead of him. In an attempt to win back his friend's allegiance, Diggs performs his best Carrie voice while silhouetted behind some tarpaulin. "Carrie" informs Scooch that in fact "Diggs is the cleverest machine on the site, more so than Bozer even". When Bozer and the real Carrie arrive, Diggs is exposed and given a stern telling off. But they do all agree on one thing, Diggs is very clever at doing voices.