Machine Makeovers

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LOOK WHAT I'VE GOT Diggs has a shiny new attachment and is very proud of it. That is until Bozer tells him it's needed on an important new job and Diggs realises that he doesn't know what it does! Carl thinks it's a Jibber and Lug thinks it a Dipper but no-one is really sure. When the job starts and it comes to Diggs' turn it's only by accident that he learns he's got a Holer. He learns something important too -- never throw away instructions! TREAD CAREFULLY Diggs pleads with Bozer to let him wear some new, really fashionable treads. After tearing down an old warehouse, Bozer asks Diggs to check inside the old water cooler before Carl demolishes it. Diggs confides to Scooch that his new treads are really hurting him so Scooch offers to go in his place. When Bozer sees Diggs appear, he gives Carl the all clear to begin the wrecking, not realising Scooch is still inside the cooler. Despite the pain he is in, Diggs races to the rescue and gets Scooch out in the nick of time. High fashion is not always a good thing in the workplace!