Patter of Tiny Treads

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GROWN UP FOR A DAY When Diggs saves Carl from a nasty accident, the older machines decide it's time he started hanging out with them. Even the chance to play with Carrie and Scooch can't distract Diggs from his proud new position. Not until Lug and Carl start telling long, dull stories about past jobs that is! When he sees his friends enjoying a game of Hot Chunk, Diggs realises there is plenty of time for growing up! MID-MILEAGE CRISIS One day as the younger machines play by the docks, Carl and Lug reflect on their own carefree youth. Lug decides that he's not ready for old age just yet and joins Diggs, Carrie and Scooch for some "top gear" fun. Carl and Maxine look on aghast while Lug initiates an overly enthusiastic round of "Follow My Leader". When things get out of hand - resulting in total chaos - he realises that while it was fun being the young and careless "Lugster" the older and wiser "Lug" plays a more vital role on the Construction Site.