Scary Noise

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FEELING FLAT Scooch would like to find something he can do that Diggs can't . But when he tries to max out his maximum load all he ends up with is a flat tire. A little time spent alone at the tire port and a visit from his friend makes Scooch realise that he doesn't have anything to prove and that as far as the others are concerned he will always be a top truck. ONE ROLL AT A TIME The machines are demolishing a beacon on the end of the jetty. Diggs discovers Bozer is scared of water, much to Bozer's embarrassment. In an effort to help him conquer his fear, Diggs reverses along the jetty, encouraging Bozer to follow him. But Carl accidentally catches the jetty with his hook and it starts to collapse. Bozer manages to overcome his fear in time to rescue Diggs. Afterwards, Bozer finds out all the other machines are all scared of something too and it's really nothing to be embarrassed about after all.