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SILENCERS ARE GOLDEN Carl and Lug have had a bit of a falling out and have even stopped talking to each other. Even though Bozer tells him it's better to leave them to sort it out on their own, Diggs can't stop himself trying to help them make up . It's the trouble he gets into while trying that just so happens to show the two old friends how much happier they can be when they work together. CALL OF THE FOREST It's the last day in the forest, the machines are finishing up - when Diggs decides to tell Scooch about the legendary " call of the forest". Scooch gets really excited about such a strange and mysterious thing. But that's nothing to how excited he gets when he actually hears the call (courtesy of one of Diggs famous tricks). Scooch then zooms off into the trees to heed it, with Carrie zooming after him on a mission to bring him back. Thus leaving Diggs to a) finish a job made for three and b) to think about whether playing tricks on other machines is really such a good idea after all!