Super Truck

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LOUD AND CLEAR Everybody's reversing warning is clear and impressive -- everyone's except Scooch that is. When his voice is too quiet to stop Lug reversing into a hold he thinks that the older truck will never forgive him. However, once Bozer teaches him how to be loud and clear, Scooch turns out to be the one who saves Lug from a much worse fate. JUNKYARD It's getting dark. Bozer asks Scooch to take some rubble to the junkyard and Carrie and Diggs decide to go along too. Diggs frightens the other two with made up tales of "Truckzilla" -- an old machine that comes out at night looking for small trucks to crunch into a million pieces. Once at the junkyard surrounded by machine parts, they see the silhouette of a strangely shaped truck. All, including Diggs, are now convinced that Truckzilla really does exist. When Carrie backs into a ditch and gets stuck, Diggs is too scared to help her. Luckily Carl arrives and puts the floodlights on. Truckzilla turns out to be no more than a pile of old truck bits after all.