The Secret and Mysterious Club

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A GOOD MIXER The new machines have a lot of bricks to move, so many in fact that Diggs thinks they could use a little help from Maxine. Trouble is, when Maxine gets excited she starts to mix . And what do you get if you mix bricks -- Broken stones !! So it's lucky that Bozer needs a load of gravel or they might just have found themselves in a load of trouble. ALMOST FAMOUS When Diggs, Carrie and Scooch dig a trench in the wrong place they think they've struck oil. Diggs and Carrie instantly abandon their duties and plan their new life as famous oil barons. But it's not long before Bozer brings them back down to earth with a bump. He informs them they actually only hit the old oil tank they were supposed to be digging around. Not only are they not rich and famous but they have to spend the rest of the day cleaning up the nasty oily mess!