Tire Fairy

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BIG BOZER IS WATCHING When Scooch spills some salt grit, Diggs fills his head with the notion that it is "unlucky", so when Bozer tells them they are working on top of a very high building, Scooch is terrified. There is a camera feed from the top of the building to a TV below so Bozer asks Carl and Lug to keep an eye on the little machines. And they certainly make for some great viewing as Scooch's worst fears are realised when the lift malfunctions setting him up for a very bumpy ride! BIG RIG Lug finds it easy to scoff when he sees the newer machines playing at being Big Rig "the superhero truck". Everybody knows there is no such thing as "extra vroom" . But when Bozer sends him to an unexplored dumpsite and he begins to sink into the unstable ground he soon finds out that there may be just a little bit of Big Rig in all of us.