Truck TV

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FROM START TO FINISH Diggs, Carrie and Scooch are tired of the old machines always telling them what to do. So when Bozer gives them a whole job to complete all on their own,as first they're sure they can see it through. It all goes pretty well until Carrie lures her friends into a game of "can't catch me" ! They forget all about their work until the sire whistle blows. The job is not finished ! But Bozer gives them another chance and this time they are going to make sure they earn a ten horn salute. OUT WITH THE OLD Bozer tells the machines that its "out with the old and in with the new" as they are about to construct their first Prefabricated building. When Scooch goes to tell Carl and Lug, they misunderstand and assume that Bozer means that Carl and Lug -- being old -- are finished. The two old friends pack their bags and leave the site. In an attempt to save them, the younger machines take the prefab building apart. When Bozer finds them, he explains the misunderstanding and goes after the only two machines who can put the building back up. Carl and Lug of course!