Warble While You Work

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I'M HAVING FUN NOW Diggs' job doesn't seem as much fun as Carrie's and Scooch's . Moving piles of stones from one place to another is just boring. But when Carrie takes Diggs' job over while he is having a break to put up some road signs he's soon jealous -- especially when Carrie shows him that even boring jobs can be made exciting when you turn them into a game. DAYS OF BLUNDER A site scattered with piles of materials inspires Diggs to suggest an obstacle race. Almost immediately he and Carrie are competing as to who will be the fastest, leaving Scooch wondering if he's up to the challenge -- but Maxine tells him he doesn't just need speed, he needs "the stuff between his headlights" as well. Scooch takes heed, and soon finds that he's collecting the prize while Diggs and Carrie are waiting to be prised -- from a bendy pipe!