What's The Game?

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LISTENING TROUBLES When Bozer tells Diggs that he's full of good ideas he thinks he'll share them with Scooch and Carrie. But it seems that Carrie's got a few good ideas of her own and they're soon disagreeing about just whose idea really is the best . It's not until Bozer points out that listening to others is often the source of the very brightest ideas that Diggs sees that his and Carrie's ideas are so different after all. THE WAY OF THE BODGER Diggs and Scooch are working on some foundations and are tired and fed up. When Maxine and Lug start to reminisce about their younger days when they would "bodge" a job to get it done more quickly, Diggs believes he's on to a winner. On his next job he digs a very mediocre hole which Scooch then fills in -- finishing the job in record time. When Bozer drives over to test the foundations and sinks however, Diggs quickly learns the merits of doing a job properly.