Who Am I?

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IDLE TIME When there's cement mix to be moved and Carrie?s feeling fired up, nothing can stop her -- nothing except a flat battery that is! Luckily it's Maxine that finds her when she's stuck out in the loading area because it's Maxine that knows what she needs -- some idle time! Carrie soon learns that although it's always fun to race, sometimes it's even more fun to put your forks up and snooze. A RIVETING STORY Carrie and Diggs are scouting for rivets for their collections when Bozer tells everyone that today's job is to clear out an old dock. Carl is to lift the smaller machines into the dock to start the clearing. While in the dock, Carrie spots a trunk full of rivets and greedily tries to pick the whole lot up with her forks. Accidentally, she rams the side of the dock and water starts to pour in. After a heart stopping rescue by Carl, Carrie has to let her precious rivets go and learns the hard way that there is definitely a time for play and a time for work.