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Architecture, the ancient and constantly renewing discipline, forms the foundation of our everyday lives. It shapes our world in visible ways by defining the streetscape and the skyline. It also shapes our world in tangible ways by creating spaces where we live, work, and play in relative safety and comfort. Architect Stephen Chung, calls such spaces cool. He's right. In this new public television series conceived, assembled, and hosted by Chung - highly approachable, using everyday language - he draws us into interesting projects, unlocking architecture for a generation that values design but wants to learn more. He asks obvious questions that most of us would like to ask. Who wanted this done? Why? What did they hope to accomplish? Why do these buildings look and feel the way they do, and, ultimately, what did it take to bring them to fruition. Over the course of a single episode, he demystifies architecture by making it understandable and approachable, allowing us to love and learn simultaneously. Viewers will be able to walk through New York, San Francisco, Chicago, or their own hometown with newly opened eyes, thanks to Cool Spaces!. Buildings featured in the series are located in the following cities: Brooklyn NY, Dallas, Kansas City, Las Vegas, New Haven CT, Phoenix, Seattle, Raleigh NC, Philadelphia, and Charlotte NC.
Unfortunately, this show or series does not have any scheduled upcoming episodes.
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