Stefan G. Bucher Creates a Monster for KCET

Thousands have watched artist Stefan G. Bucher create monsters out of ink blots on his Daily Monster website. Watch him sketch a special monster he was inspired to draw for KCET. Bucher, who was featured in the "Creative Inspirations" series, opens up about his creative process. "Once I put pen to paper, something interesting always happens," he said.

What inspired the sketch of the KCET monster?

Each Daily Monster springs out of a random ink blot, and each takes shape based on that particular blot. Going in, I have no idea what each character will look like. Whenever I've tried pre-planning, it's ended badly. The inspiration to create each Monster is that there is a need for it.

It's a bit different with the animation part at the end. KCET creative director Hiawatha Bradley had sent me the voiceover copy for the on-air promo advertising the documentary ["Creative Inspirations"] before he'd seen the character. It included the line "Watch how inspiration takes shape, and takes flight!" It hadn't occurred to me that this Monster could fly, but as soon as the thought was introduced, it seemed perfect!

Stefan G. Bucher

What is the creative process behind the monsters? Does it vary depending on mood, time of day, etc.?

The process is the same for each Monster: I put a bit of sumi ink on the page and blow it into a random shape with a duster can. From there I try to find the hidden character. Sometimes I'll see the entire Monster right away and simply make it visible. Other times, I may only see the opportunity for a great arm or leg, and I'll wait for the full shape to reveal itself as I go along.

Making the process itself extremely simple is its great strength. If you're waiting for the right mood to strike, you'll not get a whole lot done. It's never the right mood. Too happy and I don't want to sit at my desk, too sad and I don't want to sit at my desk. Feeling blah? I don't want to sit at my desk. The trick is sitting down anyway. Once I put pen to paper, something interesting always happens.

Who/what inspires you?

I take a lot of my inspiration from musicians and scientists. I also love looking at the work of other illustrators and designers, of course, and at any art. But it's easier for me to get inspired if I don't get distracted by wondering about technique.

Bucher started selling ads to local businesses at age 15. In the 25 years since, he has created movie titles and CD covers, written six books, and designed a theater in Las Vegas.