9the Potter's Field0

Sorry, there are no airings at this time. Please check this page for future updates.
When a body is found cut into pieces and wrapped in a plastic bag, all signs point to an old-fashioned Mafia-style execution. Why is Detective Montalbano's trusted colleague Mimi Augello suddenly behaving erratically, and insisting on handling the case alone? Could Mimi somehow be involved in the murder? An old friendship is tested as Montalbano tries to help Mimi out of a dangerous situation. Directed by Alberto Sironi, 2011. In Italian with English subtitles.

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Potter's Field seems to have been pre-empted to allow the re-airing of the show from the previous week (which had been incomplete).

Thank you for airing the complete version of that show, but..
you seemed to have skipped Potter's Field entirely.

Are there any plans to air Potter's Field?



I'll forward your comment to our Programming Department and get you an answer as soon as I can.

Yoli Martinez
KCET.org Community Moderator