Authentic Japanese Cooking: New Year's Cuisine Part 2

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The second of two episodes where Osechi-ryori is introduced, the special cooking for celebrating the new year in Japan. In this episode, chef Saito and Yu Hayami will be focusing on items served inside of a traditional ju-bako box, in particular chef Saito's own unique take on nishime and a colorful namasu salad. Nishime is a fairly common household dish and for the new year they'll be preparing it with shitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, burdock root, and carrot-cut into shapes reminiscent of pine, bamboo, and ume plum trees, signs of good luck in Japan. Each item is selected for its meaning and carefully prepared. Because Osechi-ryori dishes have strong flavors to help them keep, the second dish, namasu salad makes a great palate cleanser with the slightly tart vinegar giving a light flavor to the daikon radish and carrot. It will be garnished with yuzu citrus peel which has the perfect fragrance for ringing in the new year.