Doc Martin
Jul 31

City Slickers

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Fri Aug 1 at 12:00AM on KCET-HD
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Sat Aug 2 at 7:00PM on KCET-HD

Season 3, Episode 5:

The Oakwoods, a family of city slickers seeking a new life by the sea, set out to disrupt the tranquility of Portwenn. They manage to gatecrash an intimate dinner Louisa has prepared for Martin. With his romantic dinner plans ruined, the disgruntled doctor decides to make a hasty exit leaving Louisa to deal with the neighbors from hell. Meanwhile, a car vandal is on the loose in Portwenn. The doctor reports the vandalism of his car to PC Penhale, but he seems strangely reluctant to investigate. He has to confess he is suffering from agoraphobia and can't leave the police station.

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