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Season 5, Episode 1: Season Premiere

In the first episode of season five, Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) is struggling to come to terms with fatherhood. The baby boy born to him and his estranged partner, Louisa Glasson (Caroline Catz), is about to change their lives dramatically. Doc Martin had planned to resume his high-flying career as a consultant in London. He had packed his bags and moved out of the surgery to make way for the new GP, Dr. Di Dibbs (Joanna Scanlan). However Dr. Ellingham begins to have serious doubts about the competency of the new GP after she misdiagnoses a patient, and dishes out prescriptions for totally inappropriate drugs. Dr. Dibbs realizes she has to go, and Dr. Ellingham agrees to resume duties at the surgery until a replacement GP can be found. With all the upheaval the doc is unprepared for a devastating personal blow with the death of Aunt Joan.

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I think you aired the wrong episode tonight. The description for season 5 episode 1 is NOT what aired.



We aired the last episode of season four at 7 p.m. last night and right after aired the first episode of season five at 8 p.m. This is the official description of the episode given to us.

Yoli Martinez Community Moderator


Well I did see both episodes and thought it was a great idea to show where Doc Martin left off then go right into the new season. I like the new story line of how the Doc and Louisa trying to find away to make it work. I do miss Aunty Joan and Pauline. What I like about the program it show a village full of people with quirks including the Doc. And in real life we all have our quirks too. Love the area they film it in. By the way I have seen Martin Clunes in the movie Good Bye Mrs Chips. It was Beautifully done, you might want to think of airing it one day? Maybe?


When are the Season 5 episodes really airing? For the last two weeks - TV says that the new episodes (63-for example "Dry Your Tears") are showing -- but in fact the original episodes 1 and 2 are playing....any information...



We are re-airing every episode of "Doc Martin" right now. I'll pass your comment along and make sure that the correct tune in information is showing up on TV.

Thanks for commenting!

Yoli Martinez Community Moderator