Doc Martin


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Season 1, Episode 6: Season Finale

Gossip about the blood phobia that forced Martin to terminate his brilliant career as a surgeon has spread around the village like wildfire. He's forced to confront it when he gets an urgent call from the pub. Bert has had a terrible accident while working there, and he's bleeding profusely. The sight of blood pouring from Bert's wound triggers an all-too-familiar panic attack for Martin.

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I love Doc Martin! I missed this show due to Thanksgiving. Very disappointed it's not being repeated, my guess is that other members also did not get to see it. Please repeat this episode and send an announcement. Thank you!


This was my favorite episode so far. It is an important one to see in order to understand the details of the storyline. Especially the relationship between Doc and Louisa. Love this series, but I'm very disappointed with the stops and starts that KCET has done to this series. They should repeat this one. But not Thursday. Find another time.