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Doc Martin Rewind - Episode 10: "Aromatherapy"

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Remember fast-talking radio host Caroline Bosman? She usually sounds so articulate on the radio, but we learn in this episode that she's got a bit of an issue with drinking and driving -- A bad combination.

It's National Home Improvement week and Caroline has the successful London architect Danny Steele on the show to talk about, well, home improvement -- in case you don't remember, Danny is also still attempting to woo Louisa.

Doc listens to the broadcast, sneering at Danny's arrogance, but also noticing that Caroline seems to be slurring her words. But before he can spend any time thinking about Caroline's speech, his attention changes to his first patient of the day, Mr. Kirk, a 70-year-old fella with a terrible odor. The poor guy doesn't know why he smells so bad -- he insists that he bathes and keeps his home reasonably clean -- but it appears that all those who share his airspace are just seconds from losing their lunches.

After stinky Mr. Kirk leaves, Caroline Bosman barges into the office insisting that Doc give her a refill of her medication, which turns out to be for a particular rash in an unmentionable area of the body. Doc insists on examining her before blindly writing her a refill, but she refuses and storms out in a huff.

Waiting outside is Caroline's husband, Tom, who scolds her for parking in the middle of the street and tells her that he's leaving her because of her drinking. Man, Caroline is NOT having a good day.

After watching this drama unfold in front of his office, Doc informs Mark Mylow of Caroline's drinking and driving problem. Mark is temporarily distracted from his policing duties by Julie Mitchell, the pretty new blond woman who just moved to town.

Doc isn't the only person in town concerned about Caroline's erratic behavior. Louisa is so worried she comes to Doc for advice on how to deal with a "friend" who's drinking too much. In what could have been an easy and pleasant conversation turns foul when Doc employs his trademark scowl and insulting tone.

Carolineangry.jpgLater, Louisa meets Caroline for a drink, only instead of ordering wine she orders sparking water to attempt to steer Caroline clear of booze. Caroline's having none of it. She's becoming very annoyed that people think she's an alcoholic and she's also distraught because her husband just left her. She storms away from Louisa angrily, leaving her sitting alone stunned at the pub.

Eventually Caroline comes back around for her appointment with the Doc, but instead of allowing him to examine her she insists on having her medication. Turns out this medication is used to treat Thrush -- A yeast infestion! Yikes, TMI? Apparently Caroline's been taking this stuff for longer than she should be, so Doc refuses her prescription request yet again.

Caroline storms out angrily yet again and proceeds to drive erratically through town until she comes to a stop just mere feet from Mark Mylow. Mark gives her a Breathalyzer test that registers a positive result. He takes her into his office so Doc can come by to take a blood sample and verify that she was, in fact, drunk. While he's taking blood Doc notices a strange smell, but thinks nothing of it.

Only later will this strange smell come into play.

After several unreturned phone calls, Louisa and Danny show up on Caroline's doorstep to make sure she's OK. Just then Doc also shows up with an urgent look on his face. All doors and windows are locked, so Doc breaks a window to get into the house. Once inside they find Caroline on the floor barely conscious. Doc hurriedly gives her a shot of insulin, explaining that he'd figured out what was wrong with Caroline: She suffers from untreated diabetes!

So Caroline's drunk-like behavior stemmed from her low insulin levels -- we learn in this episode that high blood sugar levels can register on a Breathalyzer test. See? Doc Martin isn't just entertaining, it's educational! Caroline gets the medical help she needs, so she'd be ok, but what a terrifying ordeal. Sheesh.

With one mystery solved, we move on to the case of the incredibly stanky Mr. Kirk. His stench is still rank despite being bathed by social service professionals. Doc is about to send him to the hospital to monitor what's going on, but then Mr. Kirk opens his bag, releasing an even stronger stench! Turns out Mr. Kirk's beloved pet bird has been rotting and becoming infested by maggots in Mr. Kirk's bag this whole time. Oh well, at least there's an easy fix and the townspeople's noses will no longer be offended.

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