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Doc Martin Rewind - Episode 11: "Always on My Mind"

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Mrs. Pratt falls gravely ill.
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Usually it takes at least a few seconds of screentime before Doc Martin in angrily insulting one of his patients, but this time Doc is red-faced from the start. The episode opens with Doc storming out of the cottage of one of his patients -- we all know how much Doc loves to take housecalls.

Just when he gets back to his office there's a call from Phil Pratt about his gravely ill wife. Yet again Doc must leave his office to make another house call, although this time its for good reason.

Mrs. Pratt is bedridden and though everyone insists that her condition is improving, including Doc's Aunt Joan, she suddenly passes away as Doc is examining her. He instructs Mr. Pratt to call for an ambulance, but soon realizes Mrs. Pratt is beyond saving.

In his typical cold manner, Doc tells Mr. Pratt that his wife is dead, all the while he does nothing to try and save her life -- We're no doctor, but he could have at least tried CPR on the poor woman.

Mr. Pratt is beyond heartbroken and grieving, but Doc continues to talk to him in a matter-of-fact tone as he's preparing the necessary documents associated with the death of a loved one. Mr. Pratt then blames Doc for his wife's death, saying he could have done something (anything for that matter), but that he just stood by as Mrs. Pratt passed. He also kicks Joan out of the house and slams the door behind them.

Only a few minutes in and this episode is already full of drama, sheesh.

Cut to Louisa and the elementary school: There's a new young teacher named Tricia Somes who is nice, but seems a tad neurotic. Louisa notices some red blotches on her hands and suggests she get them checked out by a doctor.

Doc's busy with his usual flurry of patients when he gets yet another call that there's an emergency at the school. He shows up to find out that a boy has a fish bone stuck in the back of his throat -- hardly an emergency in Doc's book. Louisa politely asks Doc if he can take a look at Tricia's hands since he's there. He he chastises her and
walks out without even looking at Tricia.

Meanwhile, Joan and Mr. Pratt are in the middle of a spat (hey that rhymes!). Mr. Pratt is being downright jerkstore to Joan, throwing bricks through her window, slashing her tires and threatening to spray pesticides on his land so it ruins her organic farm license. With that kind of treatment you'd think she had murdered his wife or something.

We get to learn a little more about Pauline in this episode, too. She's training to become part of the lifeboat team that responds whenever there is an incident involving the harbor -- she alludes to her father's time as a member of the lifeboat team. There's a guy in charge of hiring for the team who keeps hitting on her, which she uses to her advantage of course.

Meanwhile, there's a fire drill down at the school and all the teachers and children are lined up outside -- except Ms. Somes. Louisa goes back inside and finds her fiddling with papers. Ms. Somes soon passes out and Doc has to come to the rescue...again. Even though she just had a fainting spell, Doc still refuses to examine her hands.

As he's leaving the school, Louisa confronts Doc (yet again) and pleads with him to sit with her to talk about how they feel about each other. They have such a strangely combative relationship, its about time they clear the air and go back to making out!

Mark Mylow helps newcomer Julie Mitchell when she gets into a car accident. She sees him later and asks him if he'd like to come by and check up on her later. You know where this is going.

On his way home, Doc spies new teacher Tricia doing obsessively checking her watch and turning around in front of the door to her apartment. Ah-ha! Doc confronts her and asks her about her OCD, but she quickly runs inside before Doc can ask any more questions.

Phil's sheepdogs attack Joan's chickens, killing one of them. Joan has had it with this feud, so she grabs the chicken an heads to Phil's farm to confront him. When she gets to his property she hears his cried for help -- He's been pinned under his tractor and his leg is mangled by a piece of the machine! She calls Doc to get to the farm, and he and Al come to the rescue.

Just then, Tony, the man driving Phil's pesticide truck, runs up and it becomes clear that Tony and Phil are lovers. Phil was keeping this a secret the whole time! Wonder if his wife knew? Anyway, seems that the feud between Joan and Phil will be over now that she's responsible for saving his life.

So its finally time for Doc to meet Lousia at the pub, but Tricia barges into his office and wants Doc to help her. he explains that he has to get down to a meeting, but her OCD means she can't leave the building for 30 minutes. Doesn't this town know what a cell phone is?

The episode ends with Louisa sitting by herself at the pub, then being joined by architect Danny.

Best Doc Rant: "Let me make a couple of things clear for you, Miss Glasson. One, a small fish bone is not an emergency. Two, if a member of your staff wants medical attention, she should come to my surgery. Now unless any more of your pupils wish to vomit all over me, I'll be off."

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