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Doc Martin Rewind - Episode 2: "Gentlemen Prefer"

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Doc Martin discovers a lump in Roger Fenn's throat, and he immediately sets him up with an appointment with a specialist. He even calls the specialist directly and fights to get Roger in for a biopsy. That UK universal healthcare's looking pre-ty good right about now.

The hate-hate relationship between Doc Martin and Elaine turns into a love-hate relationship in episode two. Doc finally fires Elaine for her blatant disregard for rules and professionalism -- after all, one poorly scrawled note could mean the difference between life and death.

But community loyalty is strong in Portwenn, and Ellingham gets a fair helping of cold shoulders after canning Elaine. In fact, he seems to get snubbed by everyone except Elaine's own father, who comes 'round to appeal to Ellingham to hire back his wayward daughter -- and to invite him to his upcoming nuptials.

In Roger Fenn, the Doc has found someone just as crabby and cantankerous as he is, though for different reasons. Fenn was forced into early retirement before he was able to gain his full pension. Louisa Glasson now holds his teaching post, and he's none-too happy about it.

Not surprisingly, Doc and Fenn don't get along very well at first, but Doc makes the lump in Fenn's throat his priority - mainly because the rest of the town won't come near his practice. After some stern coaxing from the Doc, Fenn goes to get his throat operated on in a London Hospital.

This is where we finally learn the reason why the Doc left London for the countryside GP position. While Doc is walking through the corridors of the hospital - which look like something out of a Stanley Kubrick movie -- he runs into a boy with a nosebleed, smearing blood all over his coat.

We imagine that a simple nosebleed looks more like this through Ellingham's eyes:

Just as he glances down at the mess of blood, you can tell he's just seconds away from barfing all over the place. Luckily he makes it to the loo quickly enough not to cause a scene.

After cleaning himself up - and throwing away his coat - Doc heads in to check on Fenn. Whereas in episode one there were very few moments when we actually liked Doc, the interaction he has with Fenn in the hospital shows that he really does have a heart behind that smug mug.

He opens up to Fenn about his panic attacks at the sight of blood, they both commisserate about the wrought relationships they have with their children and they actually share a laugh and a smile together.

Finally, the whole town's at Elaine's father's wedding to his purse-dog toting new bride. Louisa snubs Ellingham because she thinks he didn't bother to visit Fenn in the hospital. She's clearly taken aback when Fenn sets her straight.

Even Elaine decided to show up to her dad's nutpials. In a moment of forgiveness, the Doc rehires Elaine only to find that she hasn't changed one bit. Looks like he is stuck with the same annoyances and frustrations at the end of this episode, but at least he's starting to make some friends (and smile) along the way.

Best insult: "If there's anyone who hasn't come to gorp, drink tea or waste my time please put your hand up."

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