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Doc Martin Rewind - Episode 24: "Uneasy Lies the Head"

This episode picks up exactly where the previous one left off. Louisa came to Doc's door to tell him that she's pregnant with his baby. With Edith in his house there was a bit of awkwardness around their reunion (as if this unplanned pregnancy weren't awkward enough).

Even though she's carrying his child, she tells him that she doesn't want to get married and that she doesn't expect Doc to have much to do with the baby: "It's going to be fine, Martin, it's not your problem," she says. Wow, harsh.

Louisa's back from a stint in London. She didn't much care for city life, plus none of the schools would hire her in her condition. Ideally she'd be able to come back and get her old job back, but her position has already been filled. The man that now has her job has also been renting her flat while she's gone. Poor Louisa has no where to live and no job, yet she still tells Doc she wants nothing to do with him.

Louisa heads to the pub to visit with everyone and rent a room to sleep. Mrs. Tishell looks pretty unhappy that Louisa has reappeared. We think she definitely has a little thing for the Doc. Wonder how that will play out.

Pauline tells Aunt Joan that Louisa is back and that she is expecting a baby. Ever the mother figure, Joan gives Doc a good tongue lashing about stepping up to the plate and supporting Louisa. Seems like Doc is still in a state of shock at his impending fatherhood, though.

Doc goes down to the school to tell the school headmaster that he's missed 2 doctor's appointments. This new headmaster sure is a headcase. He keeps making strange gestures and even tells Doc that he's been constipated for 11 days! Doc schedules him an appointment for a urine test.

After Doc finishes with the headmaster he has a conversation with his baby mama. Louisa informs him that he will not be her doctor during her pregnancy. He seems hurt, but is he surprised?

Louisa goes to Mrs. Tishell's pharmacy to get some medicine to help with some discomfort due to the pregnancy. Mrs. Tishell starts giving Louisa some serious attitude. Luckily Joan comes in to hug Louisa and offers to have Louisa stay with her. She even enthusiastically offers to help with the baby. How nice! I guess the baby will be Joan's niece, so Louisa has family to rely on now.

Headmaster (Mr. Straight) comes in and gives his urine sample. As he's talking to Doc he keeps jerking his arm into the air, just like he had during the interview with Louisa. Doc notices, it's definitely something to be aware of. The headmaster is worried about Louisa taking his job, so he's trying to downplay his strange behavior. He runs out quickly before the Doc can get to the bottom of his problem.

Time passes and Pauline is closing up shop for the day, but notices that the headmaster's urine was left on the window sill... and it's turned blue! That can't be healthy.

Meanwhile, Louisa comes into the school to find the headmaster but he has taken her class out on a "nature walk." She finds him on the beach being weird with the kids. Louisa comes down to check on them and see that the headmaster is being strange, yelling at the kids and flailing his arms. One of the kids starts crying, which irritates him further.

Doc gets word that the headmaster's urine turned blue and diagnoses him with Porphyria, a brain disorder that also affected George III (ya know, mad King George?) Just then he gets a call from Louisa urging him to come down to the beach to help her wrangle a very irritable headmaster. He grabs his trusty doctor's bag and runs down to the rescue.

The headmaster is making the kids and Louisa scrub beach rocks when Doc arrives. The situation is tense, as no one wants to make the headmaster freak out any more than he already is. Headmaster steps on one of the kids' hands and the boy starts crying. Just then, the headmaster pushes Louisa over onto the ground (she's 6-months pregnant, mind you). Doc won't have any of that! After Doc yells at him, the headmaster starts walking out into the ocean. Doc goes after him and grabs him before he drowns himself. The headmaster is completely delusional and flailing his arm giddily. Doc drags him out of the ocean and gives him over to the police.

After the whole debacle, Doc and Louisa go their separate ways. And just before the credits roll, Edith pulls up in her fancy car and asks Doc to look over her dissertation, suggesting they they should discuss it over dinner sometime soon. Innocent or is this Edith trying to seduce the Doc? Only time (and hopefully next week's episode) will tell.

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