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Doc Martin Rewind - Episode 3: "Sh*t Happens"

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Doc Martin being interviewed by Caroline.
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It's another day in sleepy Portwenn, and surprisingly Doc Martin has agreed to a live radio interview with the town's host Caroline Bosman. Being the inquisitive journalist she is, she presses the Doc for answers as to why he would leave his post in London to come to their sleepy town.

Doc skirts the issue with his typical terse answers -- not most engaging guest Caroline has ever had on her show, that's for sure. it's also the first time someone has shouted "I have to pee," into the microphone.

We are still anxiously awaiting the sexual tension between the Doc and Louisa to become something more than just awkward and nervous interactions. It's inevitable at this point. Louisa even Freudian Slips Martin's name with a coworker, leaving the room in a blushed huff right after she realized her mistake.

So what could Louisa could possibly see in the cranky Doc? Well, for one it's probably pretty slim pickin's for a single lady in Portwenn. A successful, pressed and polished doctor comes to town and he happens to be single? Yeah, you better make your move, girl!

We soon find out why this episode is called "Sh*t Happens." An outbreak of diarrhea is spreading through the town quick as a flash and shi*t is happening all over the place. The Doc first thinks it has something to do with the community pool, but he soon realizes that it has to be something else. Not before he causes widespread panic.

The panic escalates when he insinuates on live radio that the town's water supply is tainted. The people of Portwenn are still shaken from a water scare three years previous which almost closed down the entire town. Still, Doc Martin believes that its his duty as a doctor to warn his patients. Even if he hasn't done the proper tests to determine whether or not it's the tap water that's the problem.

Doc Martin continues his unintentional part-time job as therapist. This time Bert Large opens up about his dissatisfaction with his son Al's desire to go off to college. Bert always thought his son would take over the family business, but that's not the case anymore.

Surprisingly, the Doc opens up to Bert telling him that he, too, had a falling out with his father after he decided not to join the Navy. Doc still hasn't spoken to his father after all these years. We're sure this will come up again at some point, who doesn't love family drama?

We have another sexual tension-filled run in between the Doc and Louisa, but this time Doc finally asks her out! Though she basically asks him to ask her out without saying so explicitly. So he's not that good with the ladies, is that surprising? No.

So after the Doc has sufficiently panicked the town ans tipped off the press to a possible water contamination, the result come back from the water treatment plant showing negative signs of contamination. Oops!

Still on the case, the Doc, who has been drinking Bert Large's "French" mountain spring water, starts to feel ill. Then it dawns on him: If it's not the tap water, it's got to be the bottled water! Almost the entire town buys Bert's water, so it makes sense that the Doc should investigate.

Sure enough he finds Bert filling up bottles from a hose connected to a spring on his property. Bert has lambing sheep near the spring, which Doc pinpoints as the source of the bacteria causing the towns' stomach issues.

It's a good thing Doc Martin is also skilled at the process of elimination, otherwise these people would have the runs for days!

Doc goes back on the radio to update the town on his findings, but he doesn't reveal the source of the problem out of respect to Bert. After all, the Doc knows all too well how unforgiving the people of Portwenn can be when it comes to matters of their water supply.

Finally the Doc and Louisa go on their casual date to the pub. In another instance of Doc's inability to relate to women, he lets her take care of the drink order. Not to be old-fashioned about it, but he asked her out, he should grab the first drink at least.

Unfortunately their date is ruined when Police Chief Mark Mylow ambushes Doc to talk about his depression problems and how much he wants a girlfriend. Ugh, I guess we'll have to wait until next episode to find out whether Doc and Louisa finally smooch it out!

Best insult: (To the water-treatment plant manager) "Then it's also safe to assume that you're a self-important obstructive moron. There are people in Portwenn throwing up as we speak!"

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Have to say, Doc. Martin would be the last man on earth before I would want to engage in anything with him! Yet, I enjoy his sarcasm, and take no prisoners attitude. His office girl really irritates me. She is a real pig. Real nurses/receptionists are not like this! I sure would find someone else!