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Doc Martin Rewind - Episode 4: "The Portwenn Effect"

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Still from The Portwenn Effect.
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We can tell right from the start that this episode is going to be full of sexual tension and frustration.

Louisa, armed with two tickets to the Portwenn Player's Dance casually invites Doc Martin. Seeing as how their first pseudo-date was ruined by Mark Mylow and his girl problems, it seems like this would be a no-brainer for the Doc.

But of course he declines her invitation, leaving an opening for another strapping Portwenn chap, PC Mark Mylow, to scoot right in.

Poor Louisa's got her hands full with another uncooperative male, her student Peter Cronk, who throws a fit over not wanting to complete an assignment about birds.

Doc is still dealing with his predecessor's style of doctoring. First, a patient with a virus demands an antibiotic, even though such a medicine would do nothing to cure his ailment.

Then in comes PC Mark Mylow in need of some personal advice about how to be successful with the ladies. He's all hung up on whether he's adequate "down there." Ya know, a topic Doc Martin is definitely not interested in discussing.

Notable is Doc's reaction when he learns that Mylow is sprung over Louisa, emphatically that Louisa is "The woman of my dreams." He stumbles over his words then quickly changes the subject, like back in high school when you realize your best friend is dating your biggest crush.

Doc heads out to visit the ranger, Stewart James, who refuses to come into town for his appointment - naturally Doc is not very happy about having to leave his office. He seems to really like the ranger once they start talking; he has a similar point of view on the craziness of Portwenn and the people who live there.

Doc soon learns that this seemingly friendly ranger is suffering of severe PTSD and believes that there is a giant squirrel named Antony living in his house. After brandishing a shotgun, he invites Doc Martin in for a meal with him and Antony. Locked in by a metal gate covered in razorwire, the Doc has no choice but to play along.

He finally gets out of there, but fails to give the ranger the medication he used to get from the previous doctor. We're guessing this is going to become a big problem.

Doc shows up at the Portwenn dance and sees Louisa chatting with Mark Mylow (you can almost see his cold, black heart drop to the floor). He's soon alerted to James going berserk on Mrs. Potter's bird feeders and shouting something nonsensical. Maybe Doc should just give the guy his medication, eh?

Doc and Mark Mylow head out to Stewart James's compound the next morning and Mark admits that he's not into Louisa. Dammit, Doc, you better not let her get away again! What does this guy think he has 100 changes with this lady or what? She's a prime catch!

Doc gives Stewart some pills that he says are strong and fast-acting, but they're actually just vitamin tablets. Apparently the former doctor found that Stewart's problems are mitigated by a placebo effect.

Now that order is restored in Portwenn, maybe Louisa and Doc will have time to get closer in the next episode. FINALLY.

Best Doc Rant: "...We are noticing some bacterial strains becoming resistant to antibiotics in common usage due to the widespread overprescription by doctors like the late great Jim Sim dishing out antibiotics in all probability to whingers like you!"

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