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Doc Martin Rewind - Episode 7: "Old Dogs"

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Here we are back with the first episode of season two. At the end of season one, Doc Martin had finally kissed Louisa, but he ruined the moment by alluding to her having bad breath. Mind you, this is after spending the whole night tending to sick little Peter Cronk and likely downing cups of hospital coffee in the process. Anyone would have dragon breath under those circumstances!

Naturally, Louisa was offended and now she's plagued by bad dreams of Doc. It also appears that Doc still hasn't made amends with her at the start of this episode. Really, is it that hard to say sorry and buy the lady some flowers to smooth things over? We can see that this episode is called "Old Dogs" for a reason. He never learns.

First order of doctor business on Doc's agenda is to visit Muriel Steel, an elderly friend of his Aunt Joan's who has a swollen ankle. Though the ankle is the reason for his visit, Joan corners Doc to ask him if he thinks Muriel is suffering from dementia (or "muddled' in British English). Her son, Danny, is pushing for her to move into an old folks' home, but Joan is against it. Can't be easy to see your friends moved away, that's for sure.

Still of Pauline from Looks like our favorite braid-headed receptionist is off gallivanting around Pompeii so her cousin Pauline has taken her place in Doc Martin's office. The Pauline has similar mannerisms tio Elaine and even resembles her in the face a bit, but its clear right away that's she's much more competent in the receptionist position.

murielwater.jpgOld lady Muriel gets herself into trouble when she wanders out into the ocean in a daze. Despite being perfectly lucid when Doc examined her, it seems that she has moments of dementia which can put her into a lot of danger. Danny has it out for the Doc for his wrong diagnosis of Muriel's dementia and he's back to placing her in a home where she can be safe and around people with similar conditions.

EddieRix.jpgAnother one of Doc's patients is Eddie Rix, an overweight boatman who seems to have a series of unexplained injuries. Doc wants him to have a series of tests at the hospital, but Rix and his wife hightail it out of the office before Doc can schedule the tests. Something very fishy is going on with this pair.

Still from Doc MartinDoesn't take a long time to find out. Doc gets a call from Mrs. Rix and rushed down to the Rix residence to find Eddie hoisted up in leather straps and wincing in pain. It appears the Rixes have a certain behind-closed-doors hobby that is physically dangerous to Eddie Rix. All it takes is an injection to get Eddie out of that painful pose, and Doc is off to check on Muriel.

Turns out the old lady wasn't suffering from dementia, but was depriving herself of water for fear of wetting the bed. She's finally hydrated and healthy again, but instead of being afraid of living in a retirement home she has decided to stay. Who wouldn't want to hang out in the grass and play croquet with a bunch of senior citizens? Sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon, right?

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