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Recap for 'Doc Martin,' Episode 24: 'Uneasy Lies the Head'

Previously on "Doc Martin"
Martin struggles to fight his fear of blood head on, but to no avail. Despite that, he decides to get back into the world of surgery and out of Portwenn -- his old colleague, Edith, eggs him on. But before he can make any progress, Louisa come back to town...six months pregnant.
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This week's episode: "Uneasy Lies the Head"
Written by: Dominic Minghella and Ben Bolt
Directed by: Ben Bolt

The story starts off at the end of the previous episode, with Martin (Martin Clunes) answering the door and finding a very pregnant Louisa (Caroline Catz) .

The baby, of course, is Martin's, but she doesn't want to get married. She explains that she's back because didn't like London and the school liked her pregnancy even less.

Martin awkwardly says it's too late for an abortion. Even more awkward? Edith (Lia Williams) is in the room the whole time and can probably hear the conversation they're having outside.

Louisa walks into the pub -- where she'll be staying because her place is being rented out -- and it falls silent. It's pretty uncomfortable. The people there ask if Martin knows about the pregnancy. When she goes upstairs to lie down after being probed for information, everyone starts whispering and gossiping again.

Things are no different at Martin's practice, where Pauline (Katherine Parkinson) is also talking about Louisa's return. She makes it abundantly clear that she doesn't how Martin let Louisa stay at the pub, and says it's taking advantage of Louisa's strength.

Louisa has an interview at the school the next day, and things are rocky at first. The new headmaster, Mr.Strain (David Haig), doesn't want to hire her because of the pregnancy. She strong-arms her way into a part-time position anyway.

Joan (Stephanie Cole) drops by Martin's later on, and finds out that Louisa is pregnant. She interrogates Martin about what he intends on doing to support her and if he's ready to be a father, which prompts him to go to the school and talk to Louisa.

Martin gets a bit worked up when he sees her, and tells Louisa keeping the pregnancy a secret and staying at the pub is just "feminist point scoring." She believes otherwise, and drops the bombs that she's being treated at the hospital in Truro -- Martin won't be her doctor during the pregnancy. Poor Martin is actually sad.

When Joan runs into Louisa at the pharmacy, she offers to have her stay at her place so she can help Louisa out during the pregnancy and watch the baby after it's born. Louisa says she'll think about it. (Wouldn't that be something?)

The headmaster is convinced that Louisa wants his job -- or rather, wants her old one back. He's a pretty strange guy and exhibits some odd behavior. Mr. Strain has nervous ticks, and apparently doesn't know when he does them. But before Martin can properly test him, he runs out of the office.

Later, Martin asks Louisa if Mr. Strain been weird around her too. She says he's moody, copies the way she talks, and does a strange thing with his arm where he holds it up and then pushes it down with the other. The rattle of Joan's truck cuts their conversation short -- she's the one taking Louisa to the hospital fot check-ups.

Martin and Edith attempt to treat a couple with fertility problems. The husband, Jimmy (Roger Morlidge, of "Downton Abbey" and "Sherlock" fame), apparently has three-times more testosterone in his system than normal, which is why he can't get his wife (Pauline's aunt) pregnant. All the testosterone makes him infertile, Martin explains.

Jimmy comes back after storming out to tell Martin there's more to the story than just popping hormones. He's gay, and wants to know if there's a cure. Martin tells him taking testosterone won't help -- hormonal balance doesn't affect sexual orientation.

Louisa realizes her doctor in Truro is Edith. It's rather uncomfortable. Even worse, Edith realizes Joan and Louisa are close. She keeps calling Joan "Jill," but aside from that, it seems Joan just can't stand her.

We later find out that Martin wanted to marry Edith, but she went abroad to work. Uh oh.

Things aren't looking good for Mr. Strain -- his urine sample is blue. They can't find him at the school when Martin calls to speak with him. Apparently he took the kids on a nature walk by the cove. When Louisa finds them, he's yelling at the kids because their shoes aren't all in a straight line. The toxins in his blood are causing his brain to malfunction.

Louisa tries to appease him and keep him calm by going with his delusions, but once Martin arrives the headmaster pushes Louisa down. She's fine, but Martin's miffed. Strain storms off and continues on his psychotic episode, heading for the sea. Martin follows him in and hands him off to Penhale (John Marquez) for arrest.

What's ahead for Martin -- romance with Edith, or a rekindling with Louisa? Something tells me he's a bit too socially inept to handle a love triangle, but there's only one way to find out.

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