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Recap for 'Doc Martin,' Episode 26: 'Driving Mr. McLynn'

Recap for 'Doc Martin,' Episode 26: 'Driving Mr. McLynn'

Previously on "Doc Martin"
P.C. Penhale's older brother, Sam, stopped by in town and Martin (well, Pauline, really) employed him to paint the waiting room and surgery. His lack of coordination led the doctor to believe he wasn't well, which turned out to be true. He had lead poisoning from being profesional art forger. Meanwhile, things are not so quiet on the Louisa front, and she and Martin can't seem to get along. (Read the full recap for "Perish Together as Fools" here.)

This week's episode: "Driving Mr. McLynn"
Written by: Dominic Minghella and Richard Stoneman
Directed by: Minkie Spiro

What better way to start the day than rushing through town, almost getting hit by car, running into a few barrels and being called a "tosser"? Kicking off the morning with Martin (Martin Clunes) stopping by -- after having all those things happen to him -- and calling you stupid, perhaps?

You'll probably need some context for that: Louisa (Caroline Catz), in her very pregnant state, decided it was a good idea to help Joan (Stephanie Cole) move furniture around. Martin is not happy about it, quite clearly. He keeps telling her that she's about to have a baby and can't work so hard, but she gets upset about it and Joan kicks him out before he says something he'll regret. Wait...Martin regrets things?

Pauline (Katherine Parkinson) gives a new patient some serious attitude until Martin arrives. The old man, Mr. McLynn (Benjamin Whitrow), wants Martin to be his GP and to sign off on the paperwork for a blue badge for the car (a handicap sign, here in the States).

As part of the standard procedure to make sure Mr. McLynn's legs really don't work, he grabs a pin to test sensation. The problem is, McLynn is afraid of needles (even though this technically isn't a needle, as Martin makes abundantly clear), and he tries to swat Martin away when he reaches for his leg. McLynn ends up getting stabbed by the pin, freaks out and goes home with his wife (who calls Martin a sadist for hurting her husband).

Later, Aunt Joan and Mrs. McLynn (Phyllida Law) get into an accident. While it seems pretty clear that McLynn ran into Joan, Joan takes the blame and says she backed into her. It seems kind of strange.

Al (Joe Absolom) is short on cash, so he takes up fixing Louisa's place for a small amount of extra change. He doesn't tell Pauline about it and it makes her suspicious of where he's spending his time -- especially when she hears a woman's voice in the background over the phone (but it's just Louisa).

As promised, Martin helps Edith (Lia Williams) with the research she's writing. While she's at his place and they're going over her work, Louisa stops by to yell at him for telling everyone she's unfit to be head teacher (because she's pregnant and can't handle being a single mother with such a big job). Edith understandably leaves, but Martin isn't too happy about it. In fact, he tells Louisa she's ruined his evening (say what?). She bursts into tears and says she won't ever need his help. What a mess.

Martin can't seem to catch a break. He runs into the McLynn's at the grocery store, and tells Mr. McLynn that he knows he lied about how long he's been in a wheelchair. He also notices a gash on his forehead, but they won't tell him what happened. Instead, they run him over. So polite.

Back at the school, the board wants to talk with Louisa about the job she applied for. It seems like bad news at first, but they tell her she landed the headmaster position -- despite Martin's protests.

It turns out Joan was lying about the car accident. She wasn't at fault, but she told Penhale (John Marquez) she was because she never renewed her insurance and didn't want to get in trouble for not having any. She can't afford it, apparently, and she's taken out a few loans already. Despite his offer, she she says can't take any more help from Martin.

Martin insists on making the McLynn's pay for the damage to her car, so he stops by their house. The door is open and they don't answer, so he lets himself him. They agree to pay after Martin tells them Joan won't tell the police what really happened.

The annoying pack of hyena girls tell Pauline that Al is sleeping with Louisa. Pauline, not knowing any better, seems to believe them. She tells Bert (Ian McNeice) what the girls told her, and he asks Louisa. She sets him straight.

Sally Chadwick, a teacher at Louisa's school, isn't feeling well when she stops by the practice. She had come by a few days beforehand, but quickly left. It turns out she got a tattoo and tried to remove it herself, which lead to an infection.

Things are worse with the McLynn's than they seem. Mrs. LcLynn is almost fully blind, and the reason she keeps running into cars -- and people -- is because she only has peripheral vision and her husband tells her when to turn and accelerate.

Martin discovers she has age-related macular degeneration. He can fix it, but he has to inject the treatment into her eyes. Ouch.

Pauline confronts Al about cheating on her. He explains everything, and shows her why he was hiding the job at Louisa's. He bought her a scooter so she could go anywhere she wanted if she felt trapped at his place.

Edith stops by Martin's surgery later in the day to deliver some good news: the higher-ups liked her research and have invited her to be a keynote speaker at one of their conference. She invites Martin along, and as she's leaving she kisses him.

He doesn't seem to hate it.

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