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Recap for 'Doc Martin,' Episode 27: 'The Departed'

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Previously on "Doc Martin"
Things are still not fully mended between Louisa and Martin. They continue to fight, which makes it a bit awkward for their friends. For a minute there, Pauline thought Luisa and Al were secretly an item, but after a bit of drama and a lot of explanation, it turned out that Al was just helping Louisa out around the house so he could get extra cash and buy Pauline a scooter.

Oh, and Edith kissed Martin. (Read the full recap for "Driving Mr. McLynn" here.)

This week's episode: "The Departed"
Written by: Dominic Minghella and Jack Lothian
Directed by: Minkie Spiro

The day finally arrives when Martin (Martin Clunes) heads to London for a job interview at the major hospital where he used to work. He swears his haemophobia is getting better (unlikely) and the interview goes well.

On the train ride home, he runs into Jim (Dave Hill), a patient he treated impetigo a while back. He won't leave Martin alone, much to his chagrin. After gabbing for a while, Jim falls asleep in the seat next to Martin's. He abruptly stops snoring... and dies on the spot. Martin stops the train and tells the staff he's dead, his nonchalant attitude about the whole thing is pretty ridiculous.

Louisa (Caroline Catz) takes the kids to Joan's (Stephanie Cole) farm for a field trip, but there's one troublemaking kid, Theo Wenn (Andrew Byrne), who just can't get with the program. Joan wants to make these school trips regular visits the administration will pay her for, but Louisa tells her there's no room in the budget for that sort of thing. (I guess that's a universal problem, eh?)

While the rest of the kids are learning about some of the farm plants, Theo breaks away from the group, spooks all the chickens and starts throwing them around. Joan becomes very upset and ends up locking him in the coop for a few minutes. Theo ends up having a panic attack, which does not bode well for Joan.

Martin makes an appointment with the therapist Edith (Lia Williams) suggested to get over his fear of blood. He really wants to get out of Portwenn, it seems, and his interview in London went well enough that he thinks he has a shot. Dr. Milligan (Paul Ready), the therapist, is really young. Naturally, Martin isn't buying into the whole therapy gig. He's not too cooperative. One Milligan tells Martin he's running from himself, Martin leaves.

Later on, Jim's wife stops by Martin's office to ask about his death. It's a bit weird because he doesn't know how to act or what to tell her, other than his death was very quick and painless.

Mrs. Selkirk (Gwen Taylor) comes back to the practice the next day, and she's gone a little crazy. She thinks she saw Jim and he apparently told her she's got some sort of illness. Oh, and she thinks he's in the room with her when she tells Martin this, too.

At the Wenn household, Theo's parents tell Louisa and Martin they play on coming after Joan for locking their son up and getting him sick, as he seems to have a virus and they blame it on the chicken coop. Martin collects a stool sample to see what brought the sickness on, and gives Theo medicine to stop him from getting worse.

Once they leave, Martin and Louisa fight. Louisa is mad at him for not defending Joan, but it's also about much more than that. She uses their bickering over his aunt as an excuse to bring up how she's glad she has emotions and isn't cold like Edith (who he just loves oh-so much, she might as well add).

PC Penhale (John Marquez) stops by Joan's to get her statement on what happened with Theo, and to give her some advice on the side. He mocks her a bit by asking how she could possibly put a kid in a chicken coop on accident, adding she probably shouldn't go advertising that it was an accident around town, because it makes her seem crazy. He also tells Joan -- off the record -- that the Wenns are exploiting the situation for financial gain. Something along the lines of, "I'm not saying, I'm just saying." The conversation quickly comes to an end when she passes out right on the kitchen floor.

After waking, Joan heads over to the Wenn's house. She apologizes to them for hurting their son, and tells them the test results show Theo's illness is not from the chickens.

Martin walks in shortly after, and confirms what Joan says about the test. Once they leave, Martin starts yelling about how she lied and how he is now in a very bad spot because of her. She doesn't see the issue with what she did and is a bit offended that Martin is upset -- in her view, family comes before all else. Not to Martin, in this case. Lying about medical results? Ack.

Martin later gets a call from Joan that there's trouble at her farm. Mrs. Selkirk is there, and it turns out she is even worse than before. She's sitting with the sheep and one ran her over, but she still thinks Jim is there with her and that she was doing him a favor by spending time with the sheep he loved.

Martin finds red rings on the inside of her elbow, and realizes the problem is she has lime disease. Lime disease causes all the side effects she was experiencing -- including vivid hallucinations.

Joan, luckily, was right to assume Theo's sickness had nothing to do with her farm.

When the results actually get back from the lab, they show a very different problem. The Wenns have an au pair who likes to travel and tan, and on her last trip she went to Costa Rica. Well, last time she brought back more than tan lines. She got Theo sick by spreading bacteria and a virus is from her most recent vacation. After diagnosing the illness, Martin prescribes the proper medication. Theo will recover just fine.

All's well that ends well...right?

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