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Recap for 'Doc Martin,' Episode 29: 'Do Not Disturb'

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Previously on "Doc Martin" Lousa nabbed herself a midwife, Molly, but things didn't exactly go swimmingly. Molly was an extreme feminist who -- shocking no one -- didn't get along with Martin and had it out for him from the start. After allowing Louisa to stew in her illness and preventing her from taking the meds Martin gave her, Louisa realized Molly wasn't the best fit to help her with childbirth. (Read the full recap for "Midwife Crisis" here.)

This week's episode: "Do Not Disturb"
Written by: Dominic Minghella and Ben Bolt

The day doesn't start out on the best note for Martin (Martin Clunes)
-- he and Louisa (Caroline Catz) argue over his move to London. He says she doesn't want him around or in the baby's life, while she says it's not true and that she assumed he wouldn't want to be involved.

You know what happens when you assume...

At the surgery, Pauline (Katherine Parkinson) finds Martin's mail from the Imperial College in London. Being the nosy woman she is, she steams the letter and opens it up. She had no idea Martin was planning on moving, so she's shocked to read Martin has been offered the Head of Vascular position.

Martin finds out about her sneaky maneuver and is very upset about it. He tells her that there's a new doctor taking over the practice when he leaves, and she could be out of a job. Later, he hands her a letter of recommendation, but it's not what she expected. Instead of describing how hard she works or any of the extra effort she's put in at the office, he talks about her receptionist duties and lists her as "competent."

Meanwhile, Aunt Joan (Stephanie Cole) sets up her place as a bed and breakfast. She decides to put fliers up around town, hoping the business will help with her recent money issues. Ted (David Ross), a fellow farmer who is down on his luck (and his health), wants to stay at her new B & B -- she agrees to it, but says he has to pay the peak season rate of 30 pounds. He can only afford 20 pounds a night. Better than nothing?

P.C. Penhale (John Marquez) stops by the surgery because he's heard Martin is going back to London. He tries to convince the doctor not to go, but it doesn't work. Then he offers to transfer to the London police, but Martin tells him he has no chance.

Oh Martin, always so sweet.

Edith (Lia Williams) visits Martin to go over a joke she's inserted into the keynote lecture she's giving at a fancy doctor's conference (apparently, she has studied the timing and inflection to make sure she can make a joke to begin with). She notices Martin is still clutching his "security blanket" (a blood bag). Worried that he's not making enough progress on his phobia, she makes him operate on it -- he doesn't flinch.

Though, there's a big difference between a blood bag and a hemorrhaging patient.

Al (Joe Absolom) confronts Martin about Pauline's reference letter, but Martin won't fix it or make it any better. As her own sort of mini-revenge, Pauline gets to the office early and refuses to answer the phones, because Martin doesn't compliment her work ethic in her letter of recommendation. Her stunts backfire and he kicks her out of the office.

Ted the farmer turns out to be an awful guest. He no money, is losing his farm and on top of that...has very bad breath. When he's talking to Joan, he has a sudden onset of severe chest pain. She brings him to Martin's, where the doc discovers a mass in his stomach.

After getting kicked out, Pauline heads down to the water with Al. She's complaining about Martin when she gets stung by a jelly fish. Of course, she doesn't want to see Martin about it. The alternative is having Al urinate on her leg, so she quickly changes her mind about going to the practice. While he's treating her, Pauline apologizes to Martin and says she wants things to go back the way they were.

He's not so nice about it, and sends her on her way.

Ted is still sick when he gets back to Joan's. She calls Martin again because he's only getting worse, and Martin realizes Ted has been eating his own hair -- that's why he's so sick. He keeps eating his hair and can't digest it, to the point where it's developed into a solid mass. It's like a gigantic hairball a cat would have, but way worse.

And far more disgusting....

Bert throws Louisa a baby shower at the restaurant. Sadly, it turns into a bit of a pity party. The guests keep talking about how awful Martin is and the ladies continuously offer up their husbands as handymen. Bert only makes things worse when he toasts to Louisa's bravery and mentions that it will be extremely difficult for her to raise a child alone and that she's an "unconventional" mother.

The baby shower falls on the same day as Edith's conference. She's preparing for the keynote speech when Martin arrives at the room -- he seems surprised that they're in the same space and sharing a bed. He's even more surprised that she's so nonchalant about changing in front of him.

He diffuses the situation by changing in the bathroom, but things gets extra awkward when he tries to diagnose the room service waiter when he drops off Edith's food. He ends up chasing the guy down to the kitchen, and his presence disrupts the cooks. One employee bumps into the other, and the cook gets the top of his finger cut off by a meat slicer. Blood gushes everywhere in the kitchen and all over Martin -- but he's calm and doesn't seem the least bit queasy. He also manages to diagnose the original waiter he was looking for. Martin to the rescue!

He leaves the hotel immediately after helping with the mess in the kitchen. When he gets home, he starts to pack his things.

Martin is definitely over his blood phobia, and it's time to move on.

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