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Recap for 'Doc Martin,' Episode 33: 'Born With a Shotgun'

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Previously on "Doc Martin"
Sadly, last episode saw Aunt Joan's funeral. The town gathered to pay their respects, but the service was a bit of a mess. Martin's other aunt, Dr. Ruth Ellingham, moved into Joan's farm (which she inherited). Meanwhile, Martin was forced to extend his stay in Portwenn yet again, leaving him, Louisa and their nameless baby shacked up above the practice for a few more weeks.

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This week's episode: "Born With a Shotgun"

Written by: Dominic Minghella and Ben Bolt

The new (unnamed) baby Ellingham won't quit crying, and Louisa (Caroline Catz) and Martin (Martin Clunes)  are resorting to strange dancing techniques to quiet him. Nothing seems to work in favor of the sometimes-couple -- the baby keeps wailing.

The next day, Louisa tells Martin she and the baby are going to make the move to London when he does. She puts her notice in later that day. The tender moment is ruined when Joan's dog runs into the bedroom.

Ruth (Eileen Atkins) is living at Joan's farm, and she wakes to find a man stealing her hubcaps. She confronts him and he just looks her in the eyes and takes them.

Later, she decides to stop and visit the home of the hubcap thief, Michael (Andrew Lee Potts). His mom hasn't heard that Joan died, and after Ruth says she's her sister, the woman repeats it like she just realized it herself. Clearly she's got a few screws loose. (You probably know Shirley (Miriam Margolyes) as professor Sprout from "Harry Potter").

They head into the kitchen where she starts talking about Michael. She asks if he's there and she gets very defensive. He doesn't have a job and think he's going to be a great artist. A gun shot goes off -- he's shooting Ruth's hubcaps. She asks for them back and he walks away. She grabs them.

Bert (Ian McNeice
stops by the practice because he's not feeling well; it turns out he has vertigo.

Shirley isn't doing so well either -- she comes in with stomach pains. Martin kicks Michael out, and Mrs. Dunwich says she is convinced her son is trying to get rid of her because he has "dark thoughts."

Martin tests her by having her memorize three words. He has her leave a urine sample and repeat the words when she gets back because he thinks she could have a kidney infection.

When she gets back, she's crazed and won't tell him whether or not she remembers because she's convinced Martin is being rude to her son. He's not...he's actually being pretty polite all things considered.

Morwenna (Jessica Ransom), the new receptionist, lives with her grandpa, William (Peter Vaughan, of "Game of Thrones" fame). When she gets off from work he apologizes for going to the surgery while she was working -- not that she minds. He gives her some cash and she runs off to get an alarm clock (she was late for her first day because he forgot to wake her in the morning, and she doesn't want to make that mistake again). He throws in some pills with it and says it'll help keep her awake.

Meanwhile, the baby is still crying. When they wake up, they hear noises downstairs (it's 6 a.m., no one should be there yet). Martin heads to the kitchen to find Morwenna blasting music, way too early for work and talking a mile a minute. He tells her to shut up and get out.

Ruth goes to Shirley's and find her unconscious on the floor. Michael is there too, and Ruth assumes he's done something to hurt her. She calls Martin, and Michael says his mom did this to herself by walking into the door. It's hard to say what really happened.

Martin sees Bert on his drive back into town from Shirley's, and Bert ends up falling down in front of the car. He hasn't been taking his pills.

Speaking of pills...Morwenna ends up getting fired because of the pills she was taking. Unbeknownst to her, they were amphetamines.

Ruth visits Mrs. Dunwich yet again, but no one answers the door. All she can hear is the woman's moaning. She walks into Dunwich's bedroom, and she writhing in pain from stomach issues again.

Her tests come back and she has a high level of arsenic in her urine. He calls PC Penhale (John Marquez
and says he thinks Michael is poisoning his mom. They agree to meet at the house before getting to the bottom of it -- looks like Penhale got the excitement he was looking for.

Ruth is still at Dunwich's when Michael comes back in. She talks him down using her "skills" as a psychiatrist and gets him to cooperate with her. Things take a turn for the worse, though, when Shirley gets her hands on Michael's gun and won't allow Ruth or her son to leave the room. It's hard to say who's actually the deranged one--Shirley or Michael.

Martin and Penhale walk in shortly after...and now they're all at gunpoint. Martin thinks there's arsenic in the wallpaper because was used as a pigment in the past. Michael had been tearing the stuff down, but left the project unfinished. Of course, Martin's right, and he quickly gives Shirley the proper medication to help with her condition.

The doc gets a call shortly after -- Morwenna's granddad isn't doing well. He drifts out of consciousness and she tries giving him CPR and it works. When Martin gets there she tells him her grandfather has also been taking the pills she was. It turns out, those pills are metamphetamines handed out during WWII to keep soldiers going -- not energy pills for daily use.

That night, Louisa leaves the baby with Martin to go and have dinner with a coworker. She tells Martin to make sure to read him bedtime story. Of course, when the time comes to put the baby to bed, Martin decides to read him a medical article about cancer...not a story about a "sentient" fire engine. The funny part is, the baby loves it. Louisa walks in while he's reading, and watches lovingly. It's the closest to a tender moment she's gonna get.

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