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Recap for 'Doc Martin,' Episode 35: 'Remember Me'

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Previously on "Doc Martin"
"Fun Day" in Portwenn was no fun at all for Martin, who dealt with a host of issues. Among them? Louisa's mother coming back into town and inserting herself into their lives, an endlessly crying baby and the potential smuggling of goods.

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This week's episode: "Remember Me"
Written by: Jack Lothian and Dominic Minghella

Directed by: Paul Seed

The episode begins with Martin (Martin Clunes) dreaming about his future as a father. Based on what he sees, I feel sorry for the baby.

Penhale (John Marquez) stops by to tell them they have to name their baby by the end of the week based on city laws. He also asks him on a man date, which Martin promptly declines.

A Portwenn native named Paul (John Duttine) sees Eleanor (Louise Jameson), Louisa's mom, and is shocked she's back in town. As they're chatting, he falls over. He notices his hands are bleeding and passes out.

She calls Martin, who quickly heads over. He says it's probably low blood sugar and he should stop by the surgery just to check.

When Ruth (Eileen Atkins) gets back from her trip to London, Al shows her all the things he's found in Joan's old she's. Among them is a chess set -- she's surprised when Al challenges her to a game.

Drama hits Portwenn when Penhale's ex-wife Maggie (Julie Graham) shows up in town randomly. They divorced a while back, but she seems to have brushed that off and wants to work things out. Penhale, of course, sip retie happy about it. But when he asks her what month and year it is to be sure, she says April 2008. Uh oh.

She thinks they're still married and that Penhale is the one acting strange. She also thinks he doesn't want to be with her anymore.

They take a trip through the town and run into Louisa. Maggie introduces herself as his wife, which only causes more confusion.

Morwenna (Jessica Ransom), meanwhile, stepped on a nail on her way to work =, and Martin insists on giving her a booster shot. She does anything to get out of it though because she's terrified of needles.

When he walks back into the office, Louisa (Caroline Catz) is sitting at his desk. he mentions that they should discuss what they ant to name the baby, given the time issue.

Ruth and Al sit down for a game of chess, but don't have much to talk about. He's about to win when the dog jumps in and ruins everything. She wants to call it a draw, but Al insists it was a victory. Sore loser!

Eleanor has a dinner date with Paul that evening, and Martin is upset that she treats their home as a hotel. Louisa is jealous her mom gets to go out and have fun, while she's stuck with Martin.

Later, Martin heads to Ruth's hours with the baby. She tells him Al beat her at chess, and wonders if it means she's getting old. Martin, who always knows what to say, tells her it is. She responds by telling him he shouldn't be with Louisa just for the baby's sake. Martin admits he didn't know they were.

Back at Penhale's house, Joe is still going along with Maggie's memory loss. Things get interesting when she puts the moves on him in the kitchen. He stops her from going any further, but she's pretty persistent. Luckily (or not) for Penhale, he gets a call -- Maggie's boyfriend Tony is looking for her.

Paul runs into trouble again when he falls out of his boat. He's lost consciousness again, so Martin rushes over. Martin notices Paul has hyper pigmentation, which indicates a gland issue an is probably;y why he's sick. He calls the office and Louisa brings medicine over. When he wakes up, he asks if he can work again--of course he can't.

Louisa finds out her mom came back to Portwenn for the Shellfish business--she wants to send it back to Spain for profit--not for her family. Eleanor doesn't see what the issue is, but Louisa is understandably hurt.

Bert (Ian McNeice) has been seriously struggling with finances, and finally succumbs to taking out a loan from a rather shady character.

When Martin gets home, Louisa tells him about what she learned about her mom's visit. They go out to dinner, which makes her happy. They discuss baby names, and Martin suggests Henry--his grandfather's name. She suggests James, which is her grandfather's.

Before they can decide, Maggie and Penhale show up at the restaurant too. Louisa has them sit at their table, which is rather awkward because no one knows abut Maggie's problem but Penhale.

Louisa asks her when they got back together, and she says it happened once she tracked him down--because Penhale moved without telling her anything. That tips them off to something being up, but Penhale quickly changes the subject.

Martin notices Maggie's rubbing her hands, even though it's not cold. Then he asks her why she said Penhale had just moved, when he's lived there for a while. he realizes she's having issues.

Martin takes her to his practice and asks what the last thing she remembered was. She thinks Penhale left her but she left him. after asking some questions and running some tests, Martin says she has transient global amnesia, caused by emotional trauma. He says it shouldn't last for more than a few days and that she'll be fine. Maggie says she wants to stay until her memory comes back.

That night, Martin tells Louisa he's already filled out the form and picked out a baby name. Louisa is upset, and rightfully so, until she learns he named the baby James Henry. James Henry Ellingham -- that's a strong British name if I've ever heard one.

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