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Recap for 'Doc Martin,' Episode Fourteen: 'Erotomania'

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Previously on 'Doc Martin'

Mark and Al went on a camping trip for his stag. They ended up getting lost, and Mark was bitten by a snake. He went into shock; Martin trekked the forest with Stewart to rescue Mark, eventually saving the day.

This week's episode: "Erotomania"
Written by: Dominic Minghella
Directed by: Minkie Spiro

Martin (Martin Clunes) heads to Mrs. Tishell's (Selina Cadell) pharmacy to pick up a package. While he's there, a Salvation army member comes in looking for a lady named Emma Lewis, who apparent has been missing since she's been a teen, and would now be in her thirties. Martin brushes him off and heads to the office.

On the way there, he runs into Louisa (Caroline Catz) and Danny (Tristan Sturrock), Louisa's boyfriend and therefore the doc's favorite person ever. Danny's been released from the hospital and is thrilled to have a new lease on life. Naturally, Martin doesn't stay very long.

Danny continues on with Louisa, talking about how his near-death experience got him thinking about how he should seize the day -- or the girl. He says he wants to live with her. But wait...there's more. He wants to marry her.

Louisa doesn't immediately say yes. She seems happy about the idea, but says she can't be rushed to make a decision. (This is generally not a good sign).

Mark (Stewart Wright) shows up at Martin's practice. He wants to get examined so he can sign up for life insurance and critical illness coverage. Ah, the romance behind nuptials. They say chivalry is dead, but with selfless acts like these...

After the uncomfortable prostate exam Mark wasn't expecting, Martin comments on how his testes seem rather small. He asks if Mark ever had mumps because that could be a side effect, but he's never had it. Awkward moment. Martin has him provide the hospital with a sperm sample, because insulting his manhood and checking his prostate weren't enough He's convinced Mark's "condition" could have side effects.

So, he produces a sample. As he's walking to his car to take it to the hospital, he runs into Mrs. Tishell, who starts talking about the missing girl. He's in a rush and doesn't pay attention, because he needs to get his sample over while it's still "good," for lack of a better term.

Mrs. Tishell makes a visit to Martin's, and it's pretty clear she's got quite the crush on him. She brings him a cake and even a medical article to read because she thinks he'll like it. She adds that her neck still hurts -- it's still in a brace -- and he tries to get her to remove it. She won't, so he refuses to examine her.

Back at Mark's and Julie's (Angeline Ball), Julie makes a lovely Indian dinner. She not-so-subtly drops a line that pregnant women shouldn't eat shellfish, and so she can't eat part of the meal. That's right folks, Julie is pregnant.

In what can only be described as divine intervention, Martin gets the results from Mark's sperm test. Before he has a chance to examine them, Julie stops by and announces her pregnancy. After a brief exam, Martin discovers she's too far along for the child to be Mark's -- how many times have I said this woman is bad news? -- and she threatens to sue if Martin says anything. Finally, her true colors show.

Allow me this brief moment to gloat: I knew it all along.

Regardless of her threats, Martin goes to see Mark. The poor guy is so happy to be dad; it's tough to have to break his heart. But then Al Large (Joe Absolom) shows up, and Martin can't share the lab results. He tells Mark to come sees him ASAP.

Louisa and Danny discuss their relationship more in light of the recent proposal. He insists he's changed and isn't just work-oriented. He's ready to settle down and focus on what matters. Louisa wants to take things slower, but she's not saying no per se. Of course, Danny gets a call from work at that moment -- and takes it. I thought he said he changed?

While he's gone, the Salvation Army fellow asks Louisa about Emma Lewis. At first, Louisa is as dumbfounded as everyone else; she has no clue whom this person is. Then it hits her, and she immediately drags the man over to Martin's. Martin takes a look at the photo, hears what Louisa has to say, and immediately comes to the same conclusion: Emma Lewis is Julie Mitchell.

The woman is bad news! I tried to warn you!

Later on, Mark comes by and sees his test results. He's infertile. Martin spills that Julie Mitchell isn't his fiancee's real name, and Mark isn't taking it well. He goes off on Martin, saying he can't bear to see him happy and that he's so stuck. Martin says she's a fraud. Mark won't listen.

After storming out, Mark searches for Emma Lewis in the police database. He sees all of Julie's alternate identities. Later, he confronts her. She says she can explain. (Cue eye roll here.) "My interesting past is part of my charm," she says. He tells her about the sperm test, and then he proceeds to arrest her. Of course, that doesn't work out because she starts having a spasm and Martin has to treat her. But don't you worry -- she'll be fine.

Aunt Joan (Stephanie Cole) runs into Martin as he's headed back from examining Julie. Last we saw her, she was angry with Martin because she thought he was in on kicking her out of her own house, even though it was really his parents' scheming. In reality, Martin had helped her and gotten rid of his parents for her.

She says she knows now what he did for her by selling his flat back in London, and apologizes for the Ellingham curse -- not talking about anything. Joan wants to make sure this "curse" doesn't affect his love life. She's heard the rumors about Louisa and Danny, and she tells him to do or say something to confront Louisa about it.

Back at Julie's, Mark asks if their entire relationship was a farce. She says she really liked him and thought she could settle and go straight and be the real her -- whoever that is. Poor Mark.

Meanwhile, Danny is excited about a new opportunity and runs into Louisa. Apparently some art gallery conversion project he applied for finally wants him -- it's the job of his dreams. But it's in London. Louisa is livid, and understandably so. She needs him to make up his mind: What happened to getting married and living in Portwenn? He suggests they get married and move, which she points out is a bit selfish because her entire life is here, and last she checked his was too. Then she really lays into him: "I know who I am. You don't know what you want... There's no substance to you." Ouch. There's no recovering from that... not that she wants to anyway. Consider Danny and Louisa over.

Mrs. Tishell goes back to Martin's practice and asks for more drugs. Naturally, he says no and won't treat her until she takes off the brace. She absolutely won't do that and quickly leaves.

Louisa goes to her shop later that day, and they have a heart-to-heart. Mrs. Tishell admits the brace is an emotional crutch; Louisa gets her to finally remove it. She takes it off--and she feels quite liberated -- but then she goes into a bout of horrible pain and falls to the ground. Martin rushes over, and it turns out her injury is pretty serious: It's a prolapsed disc, and there might be some paralysis. The ambulance takes her away.

While all this commotion happens, Julie leaves town with the Salvation Army rep.

Louisa and Martin end up having drinks at his place after the ordeal with Mrs. Tishell. He doesn't generally drink, but Louisa wants to get him drunk anyway. The wine doesn't help them open up too much, but it does help Louisa lay it on pretty thick. "I thought I'd get you drunk and seduce you," she says, totally plastered. "I wanted to see the real you."

Too bad for her, the main reason Martin doesn't drink is because he falls asleep instead of becoming brutally honest or open. He does have a moment though, and he tells her how beautiful she is. He continues, "All I think about every day is just catching a glimpse of you."

What else can they do after a line like that but kiss? He admits he loves her, and it's a much-anticipated tender moment. Everyone say it with me: Aww.

Of course, he passes out right after. But to be fair, he did warn her.

The next morning, Martin's asleep on the floor, cuddling the dog. He freaks out, then tries to clean up the room and manages to spill wine all over himself AND hit his head on a wooden panel. Not the best morning.

Louisa comes by to give him a much-needed hangover cure. Finally, she says she loves him too.

But this wouldn't be "Doc Martin" if their relationship went perfectly from there. Martin quickly backtracks and says she can't really know she loves him because they haven't known each other long enough. She could be delusional, he says. There are illnesses -- such as erotomania, the delusion that a stranger is in love with you -- that could be affecting her judgment. She's stupefied and not buying it.

Cool it, Martin. Seriously. Just be happy.

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