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Recap for 'Doc Martin,' Episode Thirteen: 'Out of the Woods'

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Previously on "Doc Martin"...
Martin's parents came to visit, and it turns out they're the reason he's so cold. They're not the nicest people -- his mom constantly puts him down, and his dad ridicules him for not being a hotshot doctor anymore. All the while, they try to kick aunt Joan out of her home. Martin, of course, doesn't let that happen.

This week's episode: "Out of the Woods"
Written by: Dominic Minghella and Jack Lothian
Directed by: Minkie Spiro

The dog is back this week, and Martin (Martin Clunes) still has completely unwarranted hatred for the mutt. It's okay, Martin. We've all hated things for no reason before.

Mark (Stewart Wright) stops by the practice and asks Martin to be his best man at the upcoming wedding. It's two weeks away. Talk about cutting to the chase. Bless his heart. Martin says no, of course, because he's dead-set on staying out of touch with social mores.

Meanwhile, Al (Joe Absolom) has decided to purchase a fixer-upper and rebuild it into his new home. Bert goes along, and they start working on it together. Turns out, poor old Bert (Ian McNeice) has never lived alone. This will be the first time.

Down the street, Mark asks Louisa (Caroline Catz) if she's coming to the wedding, despite their "history." She is -- and she asks Mark why he seems so down. It's because of Martin, why else? Mark feels that the doctor was being rude, and Louisa is inclined to agree. That's just doc, she assures him.

There's a grubby kid in the waiting room at Martin's office, and Pauline (Katherine Parkinson) is disgusted by him. He sticks his gum under the chair right in front of her, so she gives him two options: throw it away or put it back in his mouth. Because he's the lovely creature, the teen starts chewing the gum again. Classy. Once Martin sees him, he explains how he's been stung by something. He claims he doesn't know what. He also doesn't know where, or when. Convenient memory, that.

Since Martin turned down the offer, Al ends up being Mark's best man. He's having his stag that weekend, and he invites Al along.

Back at the practice, another kid comes in with a weever fish sting, which is what the other teen had. Apparently, the fish have poisonous spikes, and the wound has the potential to be very dangerous.

Later on, Luisa stops by to speak with Martin. Rather, she's going to lecture him again (because it's not a real episode of "Doc Martin" unless they have a tiff). "You might not think you're a part of the village, but you are, whether you like it or not," she says. "Martin, Mark likes you and you've upset him."

Try to care, Martin. Just a little?

Speaking of Martin putting forth some effort to be part of society...he also doesn't want to go to Mark's stag. Now it's just Al and Mark on the camping trip. Al is noticeably uncomfortable (and preoccupied with talking to Pauline on the phone). Mark tells him to knock it off, but that's not going to happen. Go ahead; try to pry the phone away from a guy who's smitten.

Nonetheless, Mark loves it in the wilderness. Apparently, he wanted to be in the military. Al asks what they're exactly going to do and Mark says "man things." What does that mean, exactly? Al doesn't seem to know either. "Like what, wresting?" he asks. Not unless he wants to, Mark says. Awkward.

There's a fair at the school, and Martin ends up being a sport and helping Louisa.

That's the spirit.

Everything is going well, until a kid runs up and says another is hurt on the beach. It's another weever incident, but the boy can't breathe and he's on the ground. Anaphylactic shock, Martin says. It seems the group of boys was playing pranks by getting each other stung by the fish, but it went awry. He ends up being okay, but the moral of the story is this: It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. And don't you forget it!

Mark and Al end up getting lost and going in circles in the forest. Al is annoyed and Mark is in denial.

As they're setting up camp, Mark is bitten by a snake. He swears he's ok, but then he starts vomiting. Thankfully, Al brought his phone -- to keep texting Pauline -- and it ends up helping because he can call for help.

Martin gets the call right after he helps the boy who was in shock. They don't know where they are, so Martin has to figure out a way to get an ambulance to them or find them himself. He enlists Stewart's (Ben Miller) help, and they have little time to get there. If it was an allergic reaction, Martin explains, Mark could go into shock (case No. 2 of the day), and he would have about 30 minutes to live.

Uh oh.

Back in the woods, Mark and Al discuss the upcoming nuptials while waiting for the Martin. Mark says everyone thinks he's rushing into it with Julie (Angeline Ball), but he's so into her that he knows it's not too soon. Doubt it, Mark. He starts freaking out later on -- likely a result of the bite -- and tries to leave the woods. Al stops him and forces him to stay put.

Martin and Stewart spot Mark's car on the side of the road. They pull over and start looking for him and Al, whose phone miraculously has reception. They're still not close, so they keep looking, going deeper into the forest.

Meanwhile, Mark isn't looking so hot. He's completely pale, so Al decides he needs to move him and hopefully find help. Mark just about passes out. Al fashions a makeshift stretcher and drags him until they run into Stewart. Of course, Martin isn't with him. In fact, Martin takes a nasty spill down a hill, gets muddied and loses a shoe. He makes his way to Al and Mark's old camp; they're not there. And why would they be? That's just too convenient when lives are at stake.

All the while, Julie is at the fair with Louisa and Pauline. She seems just fine -- she rambles on about how she hopes she can get her deposit back from the church if Mark doesn't make it, and how she wants tea. These are perfectly normal reactions to hearing your fiancé is in a life-threatening situation and might die within the hour, right? I knew there was something wrong with her.

Martin finally runs into Stewart after wandering aimlessly for a while. Stewart, who has quite a few screws loose, swears the doc is a poacher. He's also left Mark and Al behind -- because that's what you do on a rescue mission.

What follows is one of the most ridiculous scenarios to hit a "Doc Martin" episode. Stewart walks into a bear trap (a blunt one, not one with spikes), and his foot gets stuck. He screams in pain, but he's crazy so he also thinks it's completely hilarious. Martin helps him out, but then it clamps onto his hand. Then, Stewart helps him get out. Of course, Stewart's hand then gets stuck in the trap, and Martin (safely!) helps him remove it. "That was a good one! That was a good one!" Stewart laughs.

Al eventually finds them as Martin is bandaging Stewart. Mark is totally unconscious and Martin rush to give him an injection. Thankfully, he wakes up.

They pile into Stewart's car and head back to Portwenn (and Martin's office), where the ladies are waiting for them. Julie pretends to care about Mark, and Louisa approaches Martin. They discuss the situation briefly, then she adds that she was worried about Martin the whole time. Adorable indeed.

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