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Recap for 'Doc Martin,' Episode Twenty: 'Breaking Up Is Hard To Do'

Previously on "Doc Martin"

In the last episode, "The Admirer," Aunt Joan started a relationship with someone much younger than she is, and Martin had serious issues accepting it. She didn't particularly care for Martin's opinion because she was having fun.

Carrie Wilson threw herself at Martin and tried to gain his affections, but that didn't work out so well. The only thing Carrie accomplished was annoying Louisa.

Al came home after traveling through Africa, but it wasn't the uplifting vacation he made it out to be.

This week's episode: "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"
Written by: Dominic Minghella and Ben Bolt
Directed by: Ben Bolt

Pauline (Katherine Parkinson) is rather testy this week. She rushes in to work early every morning and she's pretty irritable and unpleasant. She's all over the place and mixes up patient charts and information.

Her mom, Dawn (Denise Black) comes in for treatment, and she's quite possibly one of the most obnoxious people in Portwenn (that's probably why Pauline is on edge, right?).

Dawn is tough on Pauline the whole time she's there, which makes the already annoyed secretary even more upset. Adding insult to injury, Dawn says Pauline's handwriting looks like a spider crawled all over it.

Rough morning.

Martin (Martin Clunes) and Louisa (Caroline Catz) have a date to see a charity concert later that day (yay!). It's a very posh affair at a verdant estate, and the two of them share a blanket and watch from the grass. It's all very adorable -- she even puts a flower in his lapel.

After the concert, Martin mans up and decides to hold her hand as they walk back to the car. Louisa takes initiative, though, and kisses him.

Martin (of course) spoils the moment by saying her "mood swing" is because she is about to get her period. How does he know this? Oh, just because her pheromones smell vaguely of urine. Who says that? Who thinks that is acceptable date etiquette?

That evening, Louisa breaks up with him. She says they're not going anywhere and never will. Well now you've done it, haven't you, Martin?

Martin's even less present or caring than usual at the practice. Pauline is no better. She keeps gambling and neglecting her work. Martin, finally fed up with her lack of attention, turns off her monitor and tells her to get it together. She loses it and yells at him (not a good sign).

Al (Joe Absolom) brings a picnic lunch for them to share and she's annoyed by it because she wants to gamble. Goes to the bar and Mick buys her a drinks and gives her coin to play pinball with.

Meanwhile, Martin leaves the office and marches to Louisa's. He knocks on her door, only to completely freak out and run away like a baby.

Louisa's friend from the concert, Holly (Lucy Robinson, comes to visit. She's a bit stuffy and rude. She says Portwenn is quaint, but it's a bit claustrophobic (rude!).

Holly seems above everything about the town, and laughs at Bert's restaurant because it's not fancy, and Bert isn't exactly posh himself. They leave and go to the shore, and Holly slips when jumping off the ladder. She can't move.

They have to awkwardly carry her on a board through the entire town like a parade to Louisa's. She might have ruptured a disc, so she's not going anywhere for a while.

Later, aunt Joan tells Martin he can't change for Louisa. She adds that they just don't work for each other because of his personality, but Martin is convinced he could make small talk and pretend to be nice if it mattered.

He tries the next morning, making small talk with Pauline's mom. He's even nice to Holly, who is pretty horrendous in her injured state ("Did you sleep well?" "Would you like assistance?" "She must be in a lot of pain," "Don't hurry, do it on your own time.").

Louisa picks up on the change and accuses him of being smarmy and weird. It is pretty unnatural, but hey, he's trying.

Pauline's scooter gets repossessed because she's behind on payments. Any guesses as to how that happened? Gambling addiction, maybe?

Like clockwork, her mom runs to the practice yelling about how Pauline is a thief and a disappointment. Apparently, she's been using her mom's card to gamble and racked up over $2,000 in debt. She finally admits she's addicted (she's playing computer blackjack in the background).

But that's not enough for her mom, who says Pauline is just weak and addiction is no excuse.

Holly is up and about at Louisa's when she gets home from the store. Despite Martin's and Louisa's advice, she won't stay in bed, and ends up collapsing to the floor, falling on shattered glass and passing out.

She's bleeding when Martin arrives and isn't responsive. Naturally, Martin isn't doing so well either because of the huge pool of blood forming around him.

There's a bottle sticking out of Holly's lower back. Martin, of course, vomits as the blood gushes and soaks her shirt. He needs Louisa to cut the blouse, because he quite obviously can't manage. Holly passes out and needs CPR...but that means Louisa has to prepare the injection.

Of course...she breaks the syringe and the medicine Holly needs (she's still unresponsive and isn't breathing -- the paddles don't work either).

As a last ditch effort, Martin injects adrenaline straight into her chest. She wakes up immediately (and she was so wary of Martin before). Way to go, Doc!

After the ambulance picks Holly up, Martin clean up the glass off Louisa's floor and gets ready to leave. Louisa stops him and says he's an extraordinary man (everyone say it with me: aww).

What follows is an entirely unpredictable (and slightly rash) turn of events.

Martin stops at the door...and proposes. He straight up asks Louisa to marry him. She says yes, of course.

Who wouldn't accept a proposal right after breaking up? Then again, what about this couple is normal at all?

The bottom line is...we've got a wedding on our hands, Doc Martin fans. With these two running the show, who knows what will happen?

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