Doc Martin

Behind the Scenes of 'Doc Martin'

Photo by Bohdan Zachary/KCETBohdan Zachary, KCET's Vice President, Broadcasting & Program Development, recently had a chance to travel to the real-live Bodmin to watch the filming of the shows upcoming Season 5.
Southern California audiences have fallen in love with "Doc Martin," the show starring Martin Clunes and a stellar team of actors, writers, producers and directors. They've been calling and emailing, wanting us to share whatever information we could provide, such as when the next season would arrive, if we could re-air the first season's episodes, etc. (If you've not familiar with this gem, watch KCET Thursday nights at 8 p.m. or the repeat on Saturday nights at 9 p.m.). A few months ago, I spoke to Philippa Braithwaite, the producer of "Doc Martin," about America's lust for the show. By the end of our phone call, she invited me to visit toward the end of filming of Season 5 to produce a behind-the-scenes on KCET's top-rated weekly series.
Bohdan got a chance to meet with Martin Clunes, start of the show, and also asked him questions provided by members of the KCET viewing audience. Click here to read about his adventures!

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