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What happens when a big-city doctor finds himself at the beck and call of small-town villagers who know no boundaries? A hilarious series from British network ITV, Doc Martin is full of colorful characters, beautiful scenery and, of course, unrequited love. The shenanigans never end in the scenic and sleepy Cornish town of Portwenn, so scroll down to meet some of the eclectic personalities that make up this popular UK show.

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Dr. Martin Ellingham

The namesake of this popular British comedy series, Dr. Martin Ellingham was once a brilliant vascular surgeon in London, but after developing haemophobia -- an intense fear of blood -- he is forced to retrain as a general practitioner. He takes a post as the town doctor of sleepy Cornish village Portwenn, where he finds both facilities and patients that are quite a far cry from his former job in the big city.

Portrayed by: Martin Clunes

Louisa Glasson
Pretty Portwenn primary school teacher Louisa takes an immediate dislike to Dr. Ellingham's presence, but after realizing his talent as a doctor her revulsion turns to curious attraction. Although it's clear that Dr. Ellingham finds Louisa attractive, his social awkwardness and inability to express emotion causes problems in their budding relationship.

Portrayed by: Caroline Catz

Joan Norton
Dr. Ellingham's widowed aunt Joan is the only resident of Portwenn who knows him on a more intimate level. She is often the voice of reason and support when Dr. Ellingham's behavior causes disquiet amongst the townspeople.

Portrayed by: Stephanie Cole

Ruth Ellingham
Ruth arrives in town shortly after the birth of James Henry (The newest Ellingham). She is Joan's sister and Dr. Elingham's aunt.
She is seemingly cold and calculated like Martin but reveals herself to be wise and capable of great kindness.

Portrayed by: Dame Eileen Atkins

Bert Large
The endearing and enterprising Bert Large is often a source of useful information for Dr. Ellingham. He's a bit of a prankster, but he means well at heart. While he acts like Al needs him around to survive, it's really Bert that relies on his son's company and skills.

Portrayed by: Ian McNeice

Al Large
Al is a computer whiz who yearns to leave the quiet Cornish town of Portwenn and go off to college. Martin often employs Al to fix his office equipment. Al's had his heart broken by Elaine, but he seems to be on the mend: He likes Pauline quite a bit.

Portrayed by: Joe Absolom

Morwenna Newcross
Morwenna carries on the tradition of not living up to the Doc's standards as his new receptionist.
She's the youngest assistant yet and seems rather invested in her personal life, something the Doc will just have to deal with.

Portrayed by: Jessica Ransom

PC Joe Penhale
Often times inept, the bumbling yet lovable Joe Penhale is Portwenn's first line of defense.
Thank lord it's a sleepy town. He's also hopelessly romantic but often times his heart proves to be his saving grace.

Portrayed by: John Marquez

Morwenna's good friend and roommate quickly becomes James Henry's new nanny and also catches the eye of P.C. Penhale.

Portrayed by: Robyn Addison

Danny Steel
Returning character Danny tries to win Louisa's heart away from the Doc. Will Louisa be swayed?

Portrayed by: Tristan Sturrock

James Henry Ellingham
James Henry is the adorable product of Doc Ellingham and Louisa's long standing love affair.

Portrayed by: Archer Langridge and others

PC Mark Mylow
The socially awkward town police officer is blighted by personal problems that make him unlucky in love.

Portrayed by: Stewart Wright

Pauline Lamb
Pauline is Elaine's cousin. She takes over the receptionist position at Martin's practice, adding some much-needed spunk to the office. Pauline is also a member of the boat crew, which is basically Portwenn's coast guard. She takes an interest in Al Large early on.

Portrayed by: Katherine Parkinson

Sally Tishel
As Portwenn's only pharmacist, Mrs. Tishell runs her shop all by herself. Unlike most the town, she loves Martin and swears by him as a doctor. It seems she's got a bit of a crush on Mr. Ellingham.

Portrayed by: Selina Cadell

Altough the Doc has been tormented by many dogs throughout the years, this particular dog seems determined to break Martin. The wire haired Jack Russel is the bane of his existence and knows exactly where to be to trip up the Doc.

Portrayed by:Dodger with Sonia Turner (trainer)

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I just watched every season of Doc Martin in two days. Yes I'm a little compulsive but actually I was getting over the flu. I love the show and the cast! I was sad when it ended but now I'm very happy to find that another season is in the making. I am looking forward to it.