Doc Martin

Doc Martin Facebook Caption Contest

How would you like to get your hands on all four season of Doc Martin? Be a part of our Doc Martin Facebook Caption Contest for a chance to win the complete series, just in time for the holidays.

Every Thursday from Nov. 10 until Dec. 15, we'll be posting a screenshot from each week's Doc Martin episode to our Facebook page, and ask you to give us your best, most hilarious captions. We'll be picking the best caption each week and posting it here!

Grand Prize Winner: Natalie Natalie!

Week 5: Thursday Dec. 15 -- FINAL CHANCE TO WIN!
Episode Title: Better The Devil

Winning Caption: Serge Alexander: "My God Man, YOUR WATER BROKE!"

Week 4: Thursday Dec. 8
Episode Title: Better The Devil

Winning Caption: Natalie Natalie: "No, my palms are NOT hairy, thank you very much."

Week 3: Thursday Dec. 1
Episode Title: Happily Ever After

Winning Caption: Natalie Natalie: "I said, puff, puff, pass. PASS. P-A-S-S!"

Week 2: Thursday Nov. 17
Episode Title: The Holly Bears a Prickle

Winning Caption: Angi Tee: "Is it in here somewhere?"

Week 1: Thursday Nov. 10
Episode Title: The Admirer

Winning Caption: Jennifer Sanchez: "Martin do you have change for a $100, i need to pay him for services rendered."

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